WhatsApp group chats are a good way to include multiple people in ongoing conversations. Group chats and invite links work for people who have either an Android or iOS device.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services available today, boasting more than 2 billion users across the globe. For those who value that feature, it makes WhatsApp more appealing for group messages than simply texting or using another app.

Creating a group chat is also a good way to stay connected with multiple users rather than sending individual messages. Here's how to create a group chat and send an invitation link to your contacts. How to create a WhatsApp group and invitation link on iPhone. On the new screen, either search or select who you want to have in your group chat by tapping on their names and click Next.

Scroll down to the Participants section and select Invite to Group via Link. How to create a WhatsApp group and invitation link on Android.

On the new screen, either search or select who you want to have in your group chat by tapping on their names and click the green arrow.

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Learn how to create and use a WhatsApp chat link in your business

Learn how to create and use a WhatsApp chat link in your business

Another recent report from Statista revealed that 68M US-based users logged into WhatsApp from their smartphones during that same period, and researchers anticipate that number to hit the 85.8M mark by 2023. If you’re already using WhatsApp, you’re familiar with the process of adding contacts by sharing them through the platform’s groups and conversations, as well as entering the number directly. The problem with these methods is, they all involve multiple steps–often that means, sharing your WhatsApp link on another channel and then moving the conversation to a second location. A WhatsApp chat link eliminates that friction and allows contacts and customers to connect in a single click. Despite WhatsApp’s status as the world’s leading messaging service, it isn’t exactly a staple of the modern business landscape. From B2Bs to digital mom-and-pop shops, WhatsApp can help organizations increase visibility, automate communications, and enhance the customer experience on multiple levels.

While there are several ways that WhatsApp can support your business, here are some of the more typical use cases for incorporating the messaging app into your branded communication efforts. On the business side, offering your customers the option to submit a service request via WhatsApp doesn’t come at the expense of record-keeping, either. If you’re using a service like Jivo, you can easily sync customer support interactions to your CRM, help desk software, and any other communications channels you use, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. You can drive traffic to your WhatsApp account by promoting your link in organic social media posts or paid ads.

There are some ways to bypass this seemingly arbitrary limit, but as a marketing tool, the small size does present an opportunity to create exclusive experiences for your “VIP customers.”. They might use ads to drive traffic to the chat window where customers can review personalized recommendations or check out the product catalog.

B2B sales reps might choose to use closed WhatsApp Groups as part of a broader social selling strategy–as a channel for sharing expert insights or industry trends. Additionally, WhatsApp’s document-sharing feature makes it easy for reps to share price sheets, custom solutions, or multimedia files with prospective buyers without ever leaving the app.

After the (=), you’ll want to add your phone number in its complete international format, excluding any brackets, dashes, or zeroes. To create a WhatsApp “click to chat” button, you’ll start by following the URL instructions outlined above.

Add your website’s URL under “Links,” then in the section labeled “Call to Action” select the option, “send WhatsApp message.”. Around the world, billions of people use WhatsApp as their primary communications channel for messaging friends and family.

For businesses, WhatsApp presents an opportunity to meet customers on their turf, building relationships on the channels their target audiences use in daily life. While the app hasn’t quite caught on in the US at the level it has in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, offering the option to connect directly with a brand through WhatsApp can go a long way in enhancing the customer experience by removing friction in the journey.

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your chat window is to promote your WhatsApp website link in social media posts across all active platforms. Your WhatsApp business page allows you to share links to your virtual store and even sell directly through the platform. Additionally, verified users gain access to messaging stats and metrics (think sends, delivery rates, and read receipts) and the ability to build a product catalog that can be shared via chat. Promoting your WhatsApp link across public-facing channels and profiles enhances your visibility and makes it easier for customers to get in touch. When you manually create a direct link, the phone number and the corresponding message are visible to anyone that comes into contact with that URL. JivoChat’s WhatsApp integration helps sales teams reach prospects faster, improve accessibility, enable collaboration, and streamline communications–all from one secure central hub.

All WhatsApp messages appear inside Jivo and are automatically routed to agents, based on their availability, expertise, or other criteria, ensuring that customers receive a timely answer to their questions. Shortening your WhatsApp link and controlling the information visitors see can help you avoid some of the biggest risks associated with the messaging app.

How to avoid your WhatsApp group invite links from being exposed

How to avoid your WhatsApp group invite links from being exposed

First things first, it is always better to not send group invites via links and rather, add members through phone numbers. To reset an invitation link, go to the particular WhatsApp group and tap in the group name.

Under the Group Info settings, you would find the option "Invite to Group via Link" and there you are will get the option to "Reset Link". To add a new member to a WhatsApp group, simply save the person's number on your phone's contact list, open the group you want to add the person in and press the group's name to get into the group info.

How to move WhatsApp group to Signal app

How to move WhatsApp group to Signal app

The first thing you need to do is download and install the Signal app on your Android or iOS device. Now, you have the option to add contacts who have joined the Signal app to this group. Open the group and click on the three dots at the top right corner.

Facebook-ownedrecently announced that it is updating its terms of service and privacy policies from February 8, 2021. Several people, including Elon Musk , have asked users to shift to Signal, an open-source messaging app. The app has now become one of the top free apps in several countries, including India.Most of us have been using WhatsApp for years and are a part of multiple groups with friends and family members.

Whatsapp Group QR Code: Add People Quickly And Easily

Whatsapp Group QR Code: Add People Quickly And Easily

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media apps today. You all use Whatsapp to chat with your friends, family, relatives, girlfriend, and colleagues.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide of how to find the Whatsapp group QR Code. For each group, you can generate a unique QR Code and share it with the participants. Note that users will be able to join groups with ease only if the QR Code is on a non-mobile media.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a Whatsapp group QR Code to invite participants:. In the Participants section, click on the ‘Invite to Group via Link’ option.

You can also save and print this QR Code by connecting your phone to a printer. Users now need to open the link, which will activate Whatsapp and prompt them to join the group. Note: Ensure that you share the Whatsapp group QR Code with participants you trust.

In case the QR Code/link reaches an unintended audience, you can revoke the link. The admin no longer needs to manually type and save the number to add that particular contact in the group.

Here, you can simply print the QR Code and place it on the main desk. Write a help note beneath the QR Code such as ‘scan to join Whatsapp group’. To know more about it, you can refer to this detailed guide on how to design a WhatsApp group QR Code.

By scanning the QR Code, users can bring their Whatsapp on the web. Other messaging apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok also use QR Codes.

Here are a couple of best practices related to scanning, printing, and designing the Whatsapp group QR Code. In order to scan flawlessly and instantly, it is important to keep the camera lens of your smartphone clean. c. It is important to scan from a close distance for easy detection. Set your print defaults to low or draft resolution and duplex. Add a text either on the QR Code or beneath it to guide people what exactly needs to be done. A small help note such as ‘Scan to join Whatsapp group’ will do.

This will ensure adequate error correction and lead to proper scannability of the QR Code.

Adding your WhatsApp number to Linktree

You can easily add your WhatsApp phone number to your Linktree with the following steps. Remove any brackets, dashes, plus signs, and leading zeros when adding the phone number in international format.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business: Tips and Tools

How to Use WhatsApp for Business: Tips and Tools

While you’ve probably already included platforms like Twitter and Facebook in your social media strategy, WhatsApp could be equally as important to your brand. That’s right: WhatsApp isn’t just for texting your coworkers or video chatting with your family in a different city. If you’ve never considered adding a WhatsApp Business account into your brand’s social strategy, we’ll explore why that might be a good idea. The mobile app uses the phone’s Internet connection to let you communicate with other WhatsApp users, making it an affordable alternative to international calling or texting.

WhatsApp was an independent messenger company when it launched in 2009, but Facebook acquired it in 2014. As long as you’re connected to wi-fi or have mobile data, you can use WhatsApp to communicate with users all over the world.

As long as you’re connected to wi-fi or have mobile data, you can use WhatsApp to communicate with users all over the world. Following the States, the countries with the most WhatsApp downloads in 2020 were Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, then Mexico.

A record 1.4 billion video and voice calls were made using WhatsApp on December 31, 2020. In the next step, you can learn about setting up a product catalog for your ecommerce or automated messaging.

Before you move on to advanced features like automated messaging, make sure to add more information about your business. You can manage addresses, hours and websites in the Business Profile category in settings.

Now that you know how to create a WhatsApp account for your business, you can start using the messenger app to communicate with customers. With a WhatsApp Business account, you can make your social media customer service more efficient and personal. On top of serving as a channel for direct messaging, WhatsApp Business has several tools that you can use to elevate communication with customers:.

Save answers to commonly asked questions as templates and set up shortcuts. This will give you back the time you would spend typing out the answers to repeating questions.

Set up these automated messages so your customer gets a response immediately, even if you’re unable to respond. This is a great way to set expectations for response times if a customer reaches out outside of your business hours. On top of all this, it’s simply easy and affordable to communicate with international customers via WhatsApp Business. The app’s video call tool can be used in a professional networking capacity, just like Zoom or Skype. You can even sync WhatsApp Business with your desktop, so those professional networking calls can be done from your office computer rather than your phone. Sparkcentral offers chatbots and AI solutions that help businesses automate customer service across social platforms — all in one dashboard.

WhatsAuto lets you create a chatbot, schedule auto-replies and easily turn auto-replies on and off. Download this business tool if you don’t want to spend time manually deleting old files off of WhatsApp.

Cleanup makes cleaning up WhatsApp Business easy — you can select multiple files at once and quickly delete old images, videos, audio files, notes and profile pictures. This app makes managing your business’s WhatsApp contact list easy. Save time building an efficient customer support system on social media with Hootsuite.

Respond to questions and complaints, create tickets from social conversations, and work with chatbots all from one dashboard.

3 easy ways to add Whatsapp link to Instagram + group chat link

3 easy ways to add Whatsapp link to Instagram + group chat link

So let’s make and add WhatsApp link to Instagram profile. Here we are going to show you three methods to make a link to the chat app.

There is no time to make up and write text. You can add a pre-filled message and users won’t have to type it themselves.

Add the text after your phone number. Pre-filled message for this template is to be added after the number too.

Whatever template you choose, WhatsApp dialog will be opened with a ready-to-send message after you tap or click on it. You don’t have to type your phone number as we did with the templates. Now you can copy WhatsApp link to Instagram.

WhatsApp link generator. Navigate to the website, put the number and text for a pre-filled message.

The app makes a link automatically, just as in case of WhatsApp business account. Open a group chat, click or tap the 3 dots at the top right of the page. When we add message text or copy the link from business account of the chat app, a lot of extra symbols appear. Add WhatsApp link to Instagram page. Copy the link you’ve got from the templates, WhatsApp business account or Taplink.

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