You have come to the right place, in this post, we’ll tell you how you can easily create a WeChat account without using your phone number. Wikipedia WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. In order to create a new WeChat account, you will require another phone number.

That is what you will hear from everyone but, to be honest, you can easily create WeChat Account Without Mobile Number. Now your WeChat account is created, you can start adding friends, also you can add contacts in address book. Also, It would be very nice, If you Share this article with friends and Join Techbeasts on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Register WeChat Without Your Real Phone Number

How to Register WeChat Without Your Real Phone Number

WeChat has the widest range of users in China, from young to old, from female to male, from children to adults. WeChat registration calls for a valid phone number for identity verification.

Due to its particularity and unique application purpose, it’s unnecessary to use your real SIM-card phone number to register an account on WeChat, which is especially true WeChat isn’t your daily app but a tool used to talk with Chinese. Therefore, it’s of great necessity to move towards a smart way helping you keep a balance between privacy, business and budget.

Now let’s dive into this article and learn how to sign up a WeChat account using a SIM-card free number. Since the executive order was signed by President Trump at the beginning of August 2020, the Chinese living in the US have become so nervous because the WeChat ban would definitely bring forward inconvenience to them if it was forced to be used.

Although the ban was released by President Biden a couple of days ago, it was still necessary to prepare for the worst that would come. First, download the WeChat app from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

With the above information provided and “I have read and accept the Terms of Service” crossed, tap the Next button and move to the verification code. Our suggestion is to choose the first way, sign up via your mobile phone instead of via you Facebook account. Here you may ask what should I do if I cannot register with my real phone number since WeChat is banned in some country, or you don’t have any friends in China to help you verify your account. Dingtone app will offer you a second phone number, with which you can sign up for a WeChat account from anywhere. The following steps will direct you on how to set up a free phone number on Dingtone very easily. The most common way to earn credits is to watch videos or invite your friends to sign up for the Dingtone app.

After the steps we’ve mentioned earlier, provide the basic information of your WeChat account. Apart from WeChat registration, Dingtone’s phone number can be also used to sign up for other social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

How to open a Wechat Official Account: registration & fees

How to open a Wechat Official Account: registration & fees

Let’s deep dive into the process to open a WeChat Official Account. Sign-up fee when creating WeChat Official Account: Free (before 300 RMB). Application procedure (excluding the review step by the WeChat team): 7-10 business days / around 1-2 weeks. Application procedure (excluding the review step by the WeChat team): less than weeks. Requirements before starting the process of registering a WeChat Official Account. Documents to prepare to create a WeChat overseas Official Account.

Time to dive deeper into the process of how to open a WeChat Official Account from mainland China (with a Chinese business license) which happens in 2 steps:. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to register a WeChat Official Account using a valid Chinese entity license.

Select Mainland China as your Region Mainland China region is selected to create local Official Account Fill in your organization details Fill in your account type (corporate or personal public account), company name, business license number, and the administrator’s information. – On the user end, The official brand account and its content are considered legitimate. When verified, a little yellow tick appears in your public profile screen. Add operators Learn more about how to add operator(s) Configure the account First configurations with built-in features: automatic on-boarding message, contact management, broadcasting message, menu, etc….

There are 2 options to create WeChat Official Account from overseas (for example, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand, etc…). Let’s navigate through the steps to register a WeChat Official Account under an overseas business entity (option 1) here: + Opening a WeChat Official Account under an Overseas Business Entity: application process, requirements, fees and rules. WeChat Official Account must be verified in order to unlock the following features:.

Yes, as long as you have the qualified documents prepared, the whole application can be processed via the Internet. – Company’s Chinese landline phone number (may receive a verification call from Tencent). – A Chinese ID and cell phone number (身份证) of a mainland China citizen with a WeChat Payment account linked to his/her bank card. No, because you will need to fill in a Chinese ID (only mainland China, not including HK, Macao and Taiwan) during the registration process. Yes, a WFOE business licence certificate is a valid Chinese entity license, but it will take a longer time in the application process. – 1 to 2 weeks if you are applying with a Chinese business license on the official website directly.

Full access to backend basic functions including edit contents and send private messages, but without WeChat payment, which needs to be registered separately. It is not mandatory but highly recommended to avoid organic search traffic hijacking.

How To Create WeChat Account Without Mobile Number

How To Create WeChat Account Without Mobile Number

Today in this article we are going to share how to create wechat account without phone number. Create WeChat Account Without Mobile Number.

As of April 2011, it only allows users to create account using phone number. But there is one option available is you can create new account using mobile number and after that remove mobile number from your account. For signup enter details like nickname, mobile number, password, and avatar. After entering all details simply click on signup button.

How to register a WeChat web login without phone?

How to register a WeChat web login without phone?

If you have friends, acquaintances, or business partners in the Celestial Empire, using this messenger is the optimal solution for free calls and texting. Besides, this app serves as a sales platform where many people search for advantageous offers from suppliers. Also, you may be required to find another user of the messenger and to ask him to scan a special QR code so that you can get an account. Again, all these measures do not guarantee that you will not be required to ask your friend to scan a QR code. However, using a foreign mobile number, for example, from China, will increase your chances to register without any extra verifications. How to buy a virtual number to register a WeChat web login without phone?

Certainly, we have numbers from Chinese and Hong Kong operators, which are especially trusted by the security service of this messenger. On the main page of the website, type the name of the messenger as it is shown in the screenshot below. Enter your name and the virtual number you have purchased (you can copy it in the section “History” on the website

In such a situation, you must search for another user of this messenger, who should scan this code. If the system does not require you to pass such QR code verification, you will be directed to the page for SMS activation right away.

How to Use WeChat Pay Without A Chinese Bank Account

How to Use WeChat Pay Without A Chinese Bank Account

However, the issue is, for us foreigners, it gets complicated to set up services like AliPay and WeChat Pay without a Chinese bank account. Our previous guide on setting up AliPay to work was a major help for our readers, and we would like to continue to help you bring an alternative solution with WeChat Pay too.

How to Use WeChat Pay Without A Chinese Bank Account: 3 Ways. Payment Transfer Method. WeChat Pay account. The two ways others can send you are: (1) using the QR Code or (2) using your username.

Now you may not see the Wallet option (as shown below) in your WeChat which sometimes only appears once you register WeChat for payments. So here’s what you do: have someone, a friend or even a service like VPayFast (we will talk about them in-depth down below) to send you a WeChat payment.

Lastly, once you’ve entered your card details, you can go ahead accept the payment you received, and the amount will show up under your newly-appeared Wallet section (as shown above) from inside your Me tab. If the above method doesn’t work, you may proceed with the next method and try again. This is where you have someone transfer the money to you on WeChat using your QR code, BUT you accept that payment transfer on your desktop. Basically, this method is an alternative to that of the two methods above where and with this, you have someone that has a WeChat Pay/Wallet to send you a Red Packet.

Simply accept the Red Packet and WeChat will then automatically create the Wallet feature which will show up now under the Me tab. VPayFast is a quick and reliable service that helps move money between different accounts.

Expect an 8-10% service fee when using their service. We have also included three helpful sources for you to follow to keep up-to-date with the latest working solutions as well as other solutions which users have tried to do use WeChat without a Chinese bank account.

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