Viber doesn’t just have the regular features of other messaging apps, it takes it even further with the stickers and emoticons that allows for more customization. If you’re interested in exploring another messaging app for your Android device, maybe Viber in particular, we have just the thing for you.

By default, you will keep on receiving every single notification sent to you by your friend, even if that person sent them consecutively. Enter the chat room where you want to enable smart notifications, and swipe to the left.

Instead of going to the app’s main page every single time you want to switch chat rooms, there’s a better way to do that. Enter any chat room of your previous conversations, and swipe to the right of your device screen.

Enter the conversation screen between you and the person that you want to block, swipe to the left and tap on the Navicon at the top right. On the app main page, tap on the Navicon at the bottom and go to Settings.

On the Viber app main page, tap on Navicon and choose Settings. There’s a certain time of the day that you want to make sure you don’t receive any notifications from Viber, especially when you’re at work. From the app main page tap on the Navicon and choose Settings.

If you don’t like having your Android device screen turning on every single time you receive a new Viber notification, you can disable it. That way any new incoming messages will no longer light up your device screen automatically. If you don’t want certain messages you or your friend have sent in a conversation, you can actually have them erased from the chat room.

Then tick on the messages that you want to delete, and tap on the bin icon at the bottom right. If you prefer it to follow the default sleep policy your device is set to, we have the steps for you. You can play around with the brush options, eraser, colors or change to a different photo in the Doodle editor. There’s a Conversation Gallery that lets you specifically go through the photos and videos shared between you and your friends.

How to Stop Viber from Sending your “Seen” Status while Chatting

How to Stop Viber from Sending your “Seen” Status while Chatting

Viber, the instant messaging and free call (voice over internet) app for smartphones has become much popular in recent years. And it always gets its name listed in upper position among ‘top free’ apps in Android Play Store.

Bonus: You can uncheck Share ‘Online’ status option to prevent others from seeing you as online/available. Though I have shown the guide using Android version of Viber, this procedure is also applicable for iOS and other mobile platforms. As of now, I didn’t find an option to hide “Seen” status in desktop version of Viber on Windows.

How To Hide Online Status And Seen Status On Viber

How To Hide Online Status And Seen Status On Viber

Viber is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available for iOS and Android users. Open Viber app on your Android or iOS device. It is important to mention that you can’t change Share “online” status option more than once in 24 hours. So, if you change your mind and want to turn it back on, you will have to wait for a day before you can do that.

Viber - Privacy Settings

Viber - Privacy Settings

Share 'Online' Status lets you chose wether you want your contacts to know if you are online at a given moment.

How To Turn Off Read Receipts In Some Popular Communication

How To Turn Off Read Receipts In Some Popular Communication

Your phone then won’t send any receipts letting the sender know their messages have been seen. Launch WhatsApp, tap on the three dots at the top-right corner, and select Settings.

Twitter has an option that allows you to turn off read receipts for the direct messages you send and receive from the users on the site. Tap on your profile icon at the upper-left corner, scroll down, and select the option that says Settings and privacy.

When it comes to privacy, Viber offers many features that you can enable and disable for your account. Skype lets you turn off read receipts using two ways. When you disable read receipts for Google Hangouts on your smartphone, the setting syncs across all your devices. As a result, it eliminates the need to disable the read receipts option on each device individually. The Outlook mobile app doesn’t currently have an option to disable read receipts. However, you can use an option on its web version to prevent your phone from sending read receipts.

Apple’s iMessage also gives you the option to enable or disable read receipts for your conversations. You can turn it off from the Settings app if you no longer want your friends to know you’ve read their messages.

There are few Facebook-owned platforms that don’t offer the option to disable read receipts and Facebook Messenger is one of them. You can’t prevent people from finding out if you’ve read their messages in Facebook Messenger on your devices.

However, there’s a little trick that lets you “turn off” read receipts, at least for some time, in the Messenger app on your phones. Pull down the notification bar on your phone and turn on Airplane mode.

Do you prefer your communication apps to send and receive read receipts?

How to Hide Seen on Viber

How to Hide Seen on Viber

Viber added Seen status on its latest update. It means when your friend sees a message from you on Viber, you are notified by Seen status.

It means when your friend sees a message from you on Viber, you are notified by Seen status. You can easily change your Google+ profile name on Android, including first name, last name and nick ... Continue. 531 Howt to Set Picture as Contact Photo on Android KitKat The easiest way to set picture as contact photo on Android KitKat and other Android versions, is assigning the photo to that contact from the ... Continue.

When I block somebody in Viber can he still see my online status

If you were not saved in their contact list at the time of the block, no profile information will be visible. Blocking a contact will not prevent you from seeing messages they send in a group you are both participating in.

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