In most cases, data stored on your Android device may be lost due to some uncontrollable reasons, and you may want to learn how to recover deleted Viber message, photos, contacts, call history on your Android device while no backups available. But it is not limited to recover Viber chat history only, it can also restore contacts, text messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp and more files on Android device with a few steps.

Backup and Restore Viber Messages on Android. Viber backup and restore on Android with Email.

Viber offers two built-in options to save your chat history with Email and Google Drive. Tap on the Email message history option and then a list of applications will pop up and you can elect one of them to send the messages.

Restore Viber chats from Google account:. Here you need to click on Restore and then hit Restore Now to confirm your option.

Android Viber Transfer can easily backup the current Viber chat message from Android to computer Besides, it allows users to restore the Viber backup from computer to any Android device. Backup Android Viber to Computer:.

Step 1: Run this Viber Transfer tool on your computer and connect your Android Phone to computer with USB cable. Step 2: If a message pops out on your phone screen, please click “Back up my data” button without entering password.

Step 3: After that, the software begins scanning all Viber chat messages from your Android and then display them on the main interface. Step 4: Backup all Viber Chat History from Android to Computer.

Under the Devices list, right click on your desired Android phone to backup Viber from, and then choose “Backup Messages” to backup all the Viber chats. Restore Viber Backup from Computer to Android:.

Where is Viber backup?

Where is Viber backup?

Also, have you just tried starting the restore steps to see if it offers you the 2 backups to choose from?

Backup Viber chat history from iPhone to computer – Software

Backup Viber chat history from iPhone to computer – Software

If you use Viber on Android and iPhone, you can make use of the built-in messages backup tool in Viber to create a backup for Viber messages and send it to yourself through email. iPhone users can run Viber on the phone, then go to More options >> Settings >> Calls and messages >> Email message history. You can only export Viber chat history through email, you can’t import or restore the Viber backup file on to your device.

These two solutions will back up all Viber chat history and files and you can also restore Viber data to iPhone in the future. With its Viber backup tool, you can backup all your Viber chat history including messages and sent/received files to a PC or Mac in just one click. We are not able to explain all features of this iPhone Viber backup & restore tool in this article.

To back up Viber data on iPhone is extremely easy. Once you finish backing up Viber from iPhone to your computer, this Viber backup utility also allows you to select and open Viber backup files, extract data from backup file to computer, restore Viber backup from computer to iPhone, transfer Viber backup to another iPhone, etc.

2 Ways to Backup and Restore Viber Messages on Android

Instead of making calls or texting messages in the traditional way, Android users tend to use some chatting software for free communications nowadays and Viber is one of their choices. Then how to backup and restore Viber messages on Android easily and freely? But to successfully complete the backup and restoring process, you need to set up an available email account in advance.

Launch the Viber application on your Android phone and then login to your account. Now you need to find out the option Settings from the list and select Calls and messages. Now you ought to type in your email address and password to enter the account and then click on Next to continue. Next, you can hit the arrow icon at the top right corner and then your Viber messages will be sent to the email address. Guide on How to Block or Unblock People on Android Viber. Backup & Restore LINE Chat Messages on Android.

However, this helpful feature requires you to register a usable Google account. It is very easy- tap on Connect drive and choose the Google account that you want to save the messages. On the main interface, you will see a logo with three lines beside Viber on the top side.

To complete that, you just need to click on settings and then go with the instructions to add your Google account. Open the Viber App on your Android phone and tap on the More option icon.

In this section, you need to select Account and then enter the Viber Backup page. Now your Viber messages will be restored to your Android phone and you can view them freely.

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