With it, you can read and respond to messages straight from your wrist, and even send stickers created exclusively for the Apple Watch, all without having to pull an iPhone out of your pocket. Just press the display firmly to access hidden options for replying with stickers, canned responses or dictation. Lastly, a dedicated Apple Watch section within Viber for iPhone let you define your own canned responses to be used from your wrist. Viber is available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 7.0 or later, and on desktop with a dedicated Mac app.

‎Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls on the App Store

‎Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls on the App Store

Viber is the FREE, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. Make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and so much more! Send a free text message, share a photo, a sticker or GIF, a video or any other file. Make crystal-clear audio and instant video calls to friends and family for free!

Catch up with friends, family and coworkers by opening a group chat for up to 250 members. Enjoy more admin controls than ever before as well as new conversation features in a unique chat space where you get to call all the shots.

Spice up your conversations with a variety of useful Chat Extensions including easy access to your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, Booking, Spotify and more. Viber Out Subscriptions are a bundle of minutes to call a specific destination, which are purchased in-app and renew monthly or weekly depending on your plan. Your Account will be charged for this renewal up to 24 hours before the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan.

Best Alternatives for Viber on Apple Watch

Best Alternatives for Viber on Apple Watch

Earlier, the Viber application was available for Apple Watch, and the users have installed it from the App Store. WatchChat was introduced on 2017, and it is one of the fastest and the most reliable to access WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

The app contains attractive features like colorful stickers, HD pictures, and changing the font size. On the other hand, WatchChat 2 does not collect your personal information and maintains the privacy level with utmost security. You can even make global mobile phone and landline calls at a very low price.

The app allows you to send and receive text, photos, videos, voice messages, share locations. The app offers you with thousands of cartoon and movie stickers to express your feeling.

WeChat provides you a huge collections of mini games to play and have fun with your friends. You can send and receives text messages, pictures, videos, and make voice/video calls.

With the low rate, you can make international mobile or land line calls. You can install any of the above given apps to enjoy chatting and get connected with your friends, family and loved ones from your wrist.

How to turn off notifications on Apple Watch

How to turn off notifications on Apple Watch

How to hide notifications on Apple Watch. How to turn off notifications for built-in apps on Apple Watch.

Tap the built-in app you want to turn off notifications for. Tap Notifications Off for each app you want to turn off notifications.

Allow Notifications are self-explanatory; when turned on, you'll see notifications from the app. How to turn off notifications across Apple Watch and iPhone. If you don't want to receive any notifications on your iPhone or your Apple Watch, you can shut the whole thing down from the Settings app on your iPhone.

How to turn off notifications for third-party apps on your Apple Watch. Third-party app notifications are mirrored to your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

You can turn off notifications for all third-party apps directly on your Apple Watch and still get them on your iPhone. On Apple Watch, the setting allows you to turn off notification pop-ups for individual apps on the fly, sending those messages to the Notification Center only.


[3]Viber, or Rakuten Viber, is a cross-platform voice over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging (IM) software application owned by Japanese multinational company Rakuten, provided as freeware for the Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. The software was developed in 2010 by Cyprus-based[7] Viber Media, which was bought by Rakuten in 2014.

Founding [ edit ]. [21] They invested $20 million in the company, which had 120 employees as of May 2013 .

On February 13, 2014, Rakuten announced they had acquired Viber Media for $900 million. In July 2017 the corporate name of Viber Media was changed to Rakuten Viber and a new wordmark logo was introduced. As of December 2016 , Viber had 800 million registered users.

India was the largest market for Viber as of December 2014 with 33 million registered users, the fifth most popular instant messenger in the country. Russia [ edit ]. Viber is one of the more popular messenger applications in Russia. [42] By 2018, Viber had reached 100 million users in Russia. In 2020 Viber Messenger is Ukraine's most popular IM, it is installed on 97% of all Ukrainian smartphones. Applications [ edit ].

Platforms [ edit ]. It was launched on the Android platform on July 19, 2012, followed by BlackBerry and Windows Phone on May 8, 2012,[47] and Nokia's Series 40, Symbian and Samsung's Bada platform on July 24, 2012, by which time the application had 90 million users.

[54] The desktop versions are tied with a user's registered Viber mobile number, but can operate independently afterwards. Viber was originally launched as a VoIP application for voice calling.

[60] In addition, version 4.0 introduced push-to-talk capabilities, and Viber Out, a feature that provides users the option to call mobile and landline numbers via VoIP without the need for the application. Voice support was officially added for all Windows Phone 8 devices on April 2, 2013. Group calling was introduced with version 10 in February 2019.

Security [ edit ]. Viber received a point for encryption during transit but lost points because communications were not encrypted with keys that the provider did not have access to (i.e. the communications were not end-to-end encrypted), users could not verify contacts' identities, past messages were not secure if the encryption keys were stolen (i.e. the service did not provide forward secrecy), the code was not open to independent review (i.e. the code was not open-source), the security design was not properly documented, and there had not been a recent independent security audit.

Not Getting Notifications On Apple Watch? Here's The Solution.

Not Getting Notifications On Apple Watch? Here's The Solution.

When Do Not Disturbed is turned on, your Apple Watch won’t alert you when you receive a email, text, or other notification. Your Apple Watch will still receive the notifications, it just won’t alert you to let you know when you received one. If the sensor is broken, your Apple Watch may not be able to tell that you’re wearing it, so you won’t receive notifications.

Note: When you turn off Wrist Detection, your Apple Watch won’t automatically lock and some of your Activity app measurements will be unavailable. Apple may repair your Apple Watch for free if its covered by AppleCare.

If you’re not getting notifications on your Apple Watch from a specific app, then you may have accidentally turned off alerts for the app. Next, scroll down to the app you’re not receiving notifications from and tap on it.

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