Earlier, the Viber application was available for Apple Watch, and the users have installed it from the App Store. WatchChat was introduced on 2017, and it is one of the fastest and the most reliable to access WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

The app contains attractive features like colorful stickers, HD pictures, and changing the font size. On the other hand, WatchChat 2 does not collect your personal information and maintains the privacy level with utmost security.

You can even make global mobile phone and landline calls at a very low price. The app allows you to send and receive text, photos, videos, voice messages, share locations.

The app offers you with thousands of cartoon and movie stickers to express your feeling. WeChat provides you a huge collections of mini games to play and have fun with your friends.

You can send and receives text messages, pictures, videos, and make voice/video calls. With the low rate, you can make international mobile or land line calls.

You can install any of the above given apps to enjoy chatting and get connected with your friends, family and loved ones from your wrist.

Viber rolls out Apple Watch app

Viber rolls out Apple Watch app

With it, you can read and respond to messages straight from your wrist, and even send stickers created exclusively for the Apple Watch, all without having to pull an iPhone out of your pocket. Just press the display firmly to access hidden options for replying with stickers, canned responses or dictation.

Lastly, a dedicated Apple Watch section within Viber for iPhone let you define your own canned responses to be used from your wrist. Viber is available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 7.0 or later, and on desktop with a dedicated Mac app.

Viber for Apple Watch and TV Installation Guide

Viber for Apple Watch and TV Installation Guide

Viber is the most secure instant messaging and calling app that can be used on multiple Apple devices. With an internet connection, you can share unlimited messages, chat over video or audio calls, express yourself with stickers or GIFs, start a Viber community, and do more. Viber supports self-destructive secret chats and the message in the conversation will get self-deleted after it is read on the recipient’s device. Note: Make sure you have the latest version of Viber app installed on your iOS/Mac as to use it on Apple Watch/Apple TV.

If you wanted to add Viber app on your Apple Watch, then the section below will give you guidelines for it. Follow the steps given below to mirror Viber app to Apple TV from iOS or Mac.

Step 3: You should select the Apple TV from the list of options shown to mirror the iOS device. Step 4: Enter the AirPlay password to mirror Viber app from your iOS device to the Apple TV. Just like iOS, you can connect Mac to Apple TV to access Viber app on the big screen.

Follow the steps to mirror VIber app on Mac PC to Apple TV. Step 4: Enter the AirPlay passcode to connect Mac screen with Apple TV and thereby use the Viber app.

15 Best Apple Watch Apps You Should Use in 2022

15 Best Apple Watch Apps You Should Use in 2022

One of the things the Apple Watch does very well, is displaying notifications, especially for messaging apps like WhatsApp and (obviously) iMessage. FlickType brings a full QWERTY keyboard to your wrist allowing you to quickly compose and send messages without having to use your phone.

For example, you can rotate the digital crown to change words, so even if the keyboard accidentally misunderstood what you were trying to type (which happens), you can quickly fix it without having to delete letters and re-type them. Even though there’s an official Facebook Messenger app on the Apple Watch, it’s surprising that WhatsApp doesn’t have one. However, if you absolutely need to have full access to all your WhatsApp conversations on your watch, you should check out WatchChat 2. You can open any conversation and send new messages, or you can 3D touch on the screen to search for a contact and start a new chat. The app even supports media playback so you can view images shared on WhatsApp by simply tapping on them. The app allows you to send messages using the built-in input options on the Apple Watch, and (if you have it) typing via FlickType Keyboard as well which is great.

That’s a bummer, but it’s a common theme I noticed among all the WhatsApp for Apple Watch apps that I checked out. It also tracks your heart activity, and has an option to record sounds if you need that feature.

The app also has a bunch of Pro features that can be unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase and gives you access to things like past sleeping records, audio recordings, heart rate analysis, sleep trends, naps, and more. Overcast is a free podcast app that works amazing on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

To unlock features like stories, messages, and more, you’ll have to purchase the Pro version of the app which is priced at $1.99 or ₹159 — that’s a decent price for the kind of experience the app offers, and if you’re someone who likes to use Instagram a lot, using it on the Apple Watch should be worth the money. First, it just makes better use of the screen real estate on the Apple Watch, and has a better user interface that can let you quickly see all your upcoming events, plus Fantastical’s iPhone (and Apple Watch) app supports natural language input which makes it a lot easier to add new events. Have you ever found yourself constantly scrubbing through a long voice note trying to find the important parts of an interview or a lecture? Basically all you do is start recording on your Apple Watch, and whenever you want to mark the beginning of an important section, you can simply add a hashtag at that point.

Then, in the iPhone app, you can tap on those hashtags to skip to the timestamps in the recording when you added the tags, which makes it very easy to find all the important tidbits of a voice note. You can also rename the hashtags to make it easier to understand which section of the recording they refer to, which is also great. It can show you your timeline, mentions, notifications, and even allow you to retweet or like tweets you see. Plus, with the Pro version of the app, you can check your DMs (and reply to them), compose Tweets straight from your wrist, access your lists, and more.

Having a translator handy is quite important if you travel often or find yourself interacting with people from other nationalities frequently. While I would normally recommend Google Translate, it sadly doesn’t have an Apple Watch app.

Look, to be honest, you won’t be using a browser on your Apple Watch too much, but it’s great for those times when you quickly need to read something online, or even just for bragging rights. However, using a phone number based OTP isn’t the best idea, which is where apps like Authy come into play. With Authy on the Apple Watch, you can simply set up two factor authentication for accounts like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and others. Weathergraph is an Apple Watch weather app that brings some really good complications as well.

Also, as I said, you get plenty of beautiful complications here which can be added to your favourite watch faces to keep weather information available at a glance. The app is basically aimed at couples, and it claims to “take your relationship to the next level with biosignal sensors, a cutting-edge technology that’s built into your Apple Watch”.

The app doesn’t bring features like messaging or calling, or anything of that sort to your partner. It basically uses the data from your health app and heart rate sensor to know when you’re feeling excited, or motivated, etc.

How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Apple Watch

You will need to jump through a few hoops to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. With this method, you can at least respond to any incoming WhatsApp messages that you receive right on your Apple Watch.

I understand that this method doesn’t come close to a fully supported WhatsApp app on the Apple Watch. WatchChat was one of the first apps that allowed you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

Instagram abandons its Apple Watch app

Instagram abandons its Apple Watch app

The Verge can confirm that the version 39.0 update to the iPhone client, which comes with a changelog simply stating “general bug fixes and performance improvements,” removes the Watch app altogether. Instagram’s app dates back to the days of WatchKit 1.0, when third-party software wasn’t able to run natively on the watch itself; it never got features like video support or the ability to work over an LTE connection.

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