By looking at Telegram’s “Markdown Syntax” Wiki page, it should be relatively easy to create text that is bold and italic. That is: Telegram’s markdown interpretation must have changed.

When programming a Telegram bot, it is possible to use HTML instead of markdown, but I would like to simply write some bold and italic text to my friends while regularly chatting with them.

Font Telegram: Strikethrough, Bold, Italic. How to change font in

Font Telegram: Strikethrough, Bold, Italic. How to change font in

In personal correspondence, it is also periodically necessary to change the formatting of the text in the Telegram, which we address to the interlocutor. In our article, you will learn all the ways to quickly make bold, strikethrough, italic and other types of text.

The built-in Telegram panel is the easiest and most convenient way to format text. Use the panel to make text bold, italic, underlined, strikeout, and monospaced. Special characters — this method works in all versions of Telegram: desktop, mobile and web.

Select the text; An additional panel will open; Click on the three dots icon; Choose the type of font you need. In the mobile version of Telegram on Android, the monospaced text is done as follows: select the typed text, click on the icon in the form of three horizontal dots and in the displayed list select the type of face "Mono".

In the desktop version, select the typed text and call the context menu by pressing the right mouse button. The algorithm of actions is similar to that which we described in the case of monospaced text. Bold type is often used in telegram channels to design headings and subheadings. Select the built-in panel and select the typeface "Bold" (works in mobile and desktop versions); Use the key combination Ctrl / Cmd + B (only works in the desktop version); Enclose text with double asterisks (for example, ** body positive text **); Use the Markdown Bot telegram bot (type @bold and select "B" (Bold) from the list that appears.

The italic font is used when they want to give the text a beautiful style, or when you need to make out any quote or direct speech. Use the key combination Ctrl / Cmd + I (works only in the desktop version);.

Formatting text using special characters in the mobile version of Telegram. To draw attention or highlight a specific message in the text, underline is used.

Use the key combination Ctrl / Cmd + U (works only in the desktop version). Formatting text using special characters in the mobile version of Telegram.

How to Format Text in Telegram

How to Format Text in Telegram

To add formatting, insert opening and closing tags on either side of the selected word or phrase:.

The Zimmermann Telegram

The Zimmermann Telegram

The World War I page on DocsTeach includes other primary sources and document-based teaching activities related to WWI. In frustration over the effective British naval blockade, Germany broke its pledge to limit submarine warfare on February 1, 1917.

In response to the breaking of the Sussex pledge, the United States severed diplomatic relations with Germany. Several weeks later, on February 24, the British presented the Zimmermann telegram to the U.S. Government in an effort to capitalize on growing anti-German sentiment in the United States.

The Zimmermann Telegram had such an impact on American opinion that, according to David Kahn, author of The Codebreakers, "No other single cryptanalysis has had such enormous consequences.".

How-to: Markdown/Formatting Text in Telegram – Telegraph

How-to: Markdown/Formatting Text in Telegram – Telegraph

How-to: Markdown/Formatting Text in Telegram. You can make bold, italic, or monospace (fixed-width code) selected text. ☑️ Bold : ① select text then tap Bold on context menu, or ② place double asterisks on both sides of the text (**text**). ☑️ Italic : ① select text then tap Italic on context menu, or ② place double underscores on both sides of the text (__text__).

Telegram for macOS. ☑️ Monospace : ① select text then click the context menu Transformations » Make Monospace; or ② use [ Shift+Command+K ] hotkey; or ③ place a back-tick on both sides of the text (`text`). ☑️ Multiline monospace : ① select text then click the context menu Transformations » Make Monospace; or ② use [ Shift+Command+K ] hotkey; or ③ place three back-ticks on both sides of the whole text (```multiline text```).

Telegram FAQ

Q: What is Telegram? You can write to your phone contacts and find people by their usernames. Q: Who is Telegram for? Business users and small teams may like the large groups, usernames, desktop apps and powerful file sharing options.

Telegram's API and code is open, and developers are welcome to create their own Telegram apps. Q: How old is Telegram? You can log in to Telegram from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in Europe on May 25, 2018.

Contact us about Data Privacy. But sticker sets, channels, and bots on Telegram are publicly available.

But sticker sets, channels, and bots on Telegram are publicly available. To do this in the places where it is most needed (and to continue distributing Telegram through the App Store and Google Play), we have to process legitimate requests to take down illegal public content (e.g., sticker sets, bots, and channels) within the app. Secret chats use end-to-end encryption, thanks to which we don't have any data to disclose. To protect the data that is not covered by end-to-end encryption, Telegram uses a distributed infrastructure.

You can write to people who are in your phone contacts and have Telegram. Another way of contacting people is to type their Telegram username into the search field – you don't need to know their phone number to do this.

People can contact you on Telegram if they know your phone number or if you message them first. If you set a public username . Android: Open the app menu (swipe right in chat list) > Invite Friends.

You can give your friends a link with your username so that they can easily find you on Telegram even if they don't have your phone number. Two checks — message read (your friend opened Telegram and opened the conversation with the message). Send them a message in a one-on-one chat or in a group where you both are members. People Nearby is an optional feature that allows Telegram users to explore local groups, find friends to chat with in their area, or quickly exchange contacts with people who are close.

You can always delete any messages you sent or received for both sides in any one-on-one conversation (in groups, it's still your own messages only). Groups and Channels.

Q: What makes Telegram groups cool? Send and receive files of any type, up to 2 GB in size each, access them instantly on your other devices.

Q: How do I create a group? iOS: Start a new message (tap the icon in the top right corner in Chats) > 'New Group'. iOS: Go to Group Info (tap the photo in the top right corner on the group‘s chat screen) > Edit > Administrators. You can add your contacts, or using search by username.

To create an invite link, go to Group Info > Add Member > Invite to Group via Link. You can set up a public username on Telegram. It then becomes possible for other users to find you by that username — you will appear in contacts search under 'global results'. Please note that people who find you will be able to send you messages, even if they don't know your number. You can set up a username in Settings and use the universal search box in the chat list to search for chats, messages, and usernames. Once you've set up a username, you can give people a link.

This way people can contact you on Telegram without knowing your phone number. Telegram and TeleGram is the same user). Remember that Telegram usernames are public and choosing a username on Telegram makes it possible for people to find you in global search and send you messages even if they don't have your number. Q: If someone finds me by username, messages and I reply — will they know my number? Neither party will see another's phone number (unless this is permitted by your privacy settings). Due to the fact that one account can register multiple bot and channel usernames, we reserve the right to recall usernames assigned to unused bots and channels, as well as openly squatted usernames.

To request a username, contact @Username_bot. Q: How secure is Telegram? Telegram’s special secret chats use end-to-end encryption, leave no trace on our servers, support self-destructing messages and don’t allow forwarding.

On top of this, secret chats are not part of the Telegram cloud and can only be accessed on their devices of origin. Q: So how do you encrypt data?

Server-client encryption is used in Cloud Chats (private and group chats), Secret Chats use an additional layer of client-client encryption. Telegram is open, anyone can check our source code, protocol and API, see how everything works and make an informed decision. We also recommend enabling 2-Step Verification and setting up a strong passcode to lock your app, you will find both options in Settings > Privacy and Security.

All messages in secret chats use end-to-end encryption. On top of this, Messages cannot be forwarded from secret chats. All secret chats in Telegram are device-specific and are not part of the Telegram cloud. This means you can only access messages in a secret chat from their device of origin.

Open the profile of the user you want to contact. If you start a secret chat with a friend on one of your devices, this chat will only be available on that device. You can create as many different secret chats with the same contact as you like. Q: How do self-destructing messages work?

The Self-Destruct Timer is available for all messages in Secret Chats and for media in private cloud chats. Q: Why not just make all chats 'secret'? All Telegram messages are always securely encrypted. Messages in Secret Chats use client-client encryption, while Cloud Chats use client-server/server-client encryption and are stored encrypted in the Telegram Cloud (more here).

This enables your cloud messages to be both secure and immediately accessible from any of your devices – even if you lose your device altogether. Q: Who can see my phone number?

On Telegram, you can send messages in private chats and groups without making your phone number visible. You can further modify this in Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number.

Q: I have a new phone number, what do I do? Each phone number is a separate account on Telegram.

Important: make sure you have access to your connected phone number – otherwise you risk losing access to your account. make sure you have access to your connected phone number – otherwise you risk losing access to your account. If you want to keep using both numbers (e.g., you have a work phone and personal phone), choose one as your Telegram number.

You may create another Telegram account on the second number as well, for example, if you want to keep work and personal chats separated. It is possible to log in to one Telegram app with up to 3 different accounts at once. Most users don't need to log out of Telegram:.

Just use the same phone number to log in on all devices. Just use the same phone number to log in on all devices.

If you use Telegram on a shared device, you can set up a passcode in Settings > Privacy and Security to make sure only you have access to your account. Android, Telegram Desktop: Go to Settings > … (in the top right corner) > Log out.

However, you will lose all your Secret Chats and all messages inside those secret chats when you log out. Note that logging out does not trigger remote deletion of your secret chat messages on your partner's device — to do that, choose 'Clear History' first.

You can change your number in Telegram and keep everything, including all your contacts, messages, and media from the Telegram cloud, as well as all your Secret Chats on all devices. To change your number, go to Settings, then tap on your phone number (just above the username), then 'Change Number'. If you already have a different Telegram account on the target number, you'll need to delete that account first. As was just mentioned above, all your data will be flushed from our system: all messages, groups, and contacts associated with your account will be deleted. That said, your contacts will still be able to chat in the groups that you have created, and they will still have their copy of the messages you sent them. People, who have your phone number in their contacts, will be notified.

If you stop using Telegram and don't come online for at least six months, your account will be deleted along with all messages, media, contacts and every other piece of data you store in the Telegram cloud. This means we can't help you unless you have access either to the phone number or to Telegram itself on any of your devices.

I have access to Telegram on another device. This way the phone number alone will not be enough to log in to your account.

Contact your phone provider, so that they block your old SIM and issue a new one with your number. If you decide to switch to a new phone number, don't forget to go to Settings, tap on your phone number and change your Telegram number to the new one. I don't have access to Telegram on any other devices. Wait till you receive your new SIM with the old number, log in to Telegram, then go to Settings > Devices (or Privacy & Security > Active Sessions) and terminate your Telegram session on the old device.

You can delete your Telegram account if you are logged in on at least one of your other devices (mobile or desktop). If you're a developer, you may find our Bots FAQ more useful.

Q: How do I create a bot? Q: A bot is sending me messages, how do I make it stop?

Some Telegram clients have a 'Stop Bot' button right in the bot's profile. They can see your public name, username, and profile pictures, and they can see messages you send to them, that's it.

Example: If a bot sent us a file called OpenMe.exe, we probably wouldn't open it. Q: If I add a bot to my group, can it read my messages?

Bots can work in two modes when you add them to groups. In this case, you'll see 'has no access to messages' in the group members list next to the bot. Some bots need more information to work, so developers may disable the privacy mode. In this case, the bot will see all messages sent to the group, and you will see 'has access to messages' in the members list next to the bot. While we have some official bots for specific purposes (like @gif or @GDPRbot), we don't usually make bots. Bots are made by third-party developers using the Telegram Bot API and platform.

Q: Where can I find more bots? Q: Why do you have two apps in the Mac App Store? It has every feature from the iOS version of the app including Secret Chats.

This app can also be used to export your Telegram data and chats. Telegram is officially available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, Malay, Russian and Ukrainian on most platforms, and we are gradually expanding the list of languages built into the apps. If you would be interested in answering questions about Telegram to users from your country, contact our auditions account. For security reasons, login codes dictated via a phone call are only available for accounts that have two-step verification enabled (Settings > Privacy & Security > Two-Step Verification).

Please also note that Telegram accounts can only be connected to a mobile number. If you have recently used one of our apps on another device (it could also be a different app on the same device), we may send the login code via Telegram instead of SMS. To receive such a code, just check Telegram from any of your connected devices.

In case of a change in numbers, always make sure Telegram is connected to a phone number you control, otherwise you risk losing access to your account forever. If the tips below don't help, check out this detailed guide on Troubleshooting Notification Issues.

Check whether contact or group is muted. For our notifications to work, you need to add Telegram to allowed apps in those devices' security settings.

Huawei: Phone Manager App > Protected Apps > Add Telegram to the list. Check that notifications are ON in phone Settings. Check, whether contact or group is muted.

Deleting contacts on Android. To delete a contact, open a chat with the person, tap the title in the top area of the chat screen to open their profile, then tap on (⋮) in the top right corner > 'Delete contact'.

Where did my Secret Chat messages go? This means that all those messages are not available in the cloud and cannot be accessed on other devices.

If you do this and quickly close the app, the already initiated request may try to run asynchronously when the app is already in the background, or be sent when the system wakes up the app to show a notification about a new message. @telegram.

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