This app is widely used by users to remove certain areas as well as unwanted objects from pictures. From the editing section, tap the “Quick Erase” option to highlight the caption area in your photo. You can tap the “Save” icon on the upper right interface to download the photo into your phone. This iOS app allows users to remove Snapchat caption from photo instantly. Photo Eraser is another iOS app that enables users to remove captions from Snapchat. The first one is a square shape that lets users select the area where the unwanted parts are located.

You can refer to the simple guide below to learn how to remove caption from Snapchat using this app. Use either “Intelligent” or “Advanced” tools to select the caption areas in your image you want to remove. The former works well with the text which has a solid background, while the later one produces a great result for complicated color and designs. After the installing process completed, launch it, and choose the “Remove watermark from image” as the method for your file. Then from the main editing section, choose one of the selection tools to highlight the captions area you need to remove. If you prefer an online tool to help you remove Snapchat caption from picture, then WebinPaint is highly recommended for you.

Next, click the red circle on the left side of the screen to highlight the caption. Based on the reviews, it is more effective to use Apowersoft Watermark Remover since it can process files in batch.

Caption Cleaner: How to Remove Snapchat Caption from Picture

Caption Cleaner: How to Remove Snapchat Caption from Picture

So this article is dedicated to show you how to remove Snapchat captions from photos. The first Snapchat caption cleaner software that we would like to recommend is this Jihosoft Photo Eraser.

This software uses computer vision algorithms to magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. In short, this image eraser tool will automatically remove undesirable objects from Snapchat photos, such as captions, logos, watermarks, etc.

First, launch the program on your computer and then import the picture that has unwanted caption or text. Once you have successfully selected the area having the unwanted caption, just click on the “Erase” button at the bottom right corner.

As soon as you hit this button, the unwanted caption will be immediately removed from the Snapchat picture or screenshot. We would like to recommend this Remove Caption for Snapchat Screenshots which uses advanced algorithms of computer vision that makes it possible to remove the Snapchat caption, countdown and text from your photos or screenshots automatically. And on the other hand, if you intend to remove countdown also along with the caption from your photo, you can select both of the options and go ahead.

Photo Eraser for iOS helps users to remove captions from Snapchat on iPhone. Step 2: Choose either “ Intelligent ” or “ Advanced ” mode, and then select the caption area in the picture you want to remove.

Learn How To Remove Snapchat Caption From Picture

Learn How To Remove Snapchat Caption From Picture

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for sharing videos and images on social media, and it is used by both Android and iOS users. People take pictures via Snapchat, and they can post and send photos to others.

Taking pictures on this social media app can be fun, as you can edit it and create your image into whatever you like. Some pictures may also have a date or time stamps on them from the app, and you may want to upload them without the symbols on another social media platform like Facebook and Instagram.

This guide will teach you the easiest ways to remove Snapchat captions from pictures. If you find yourself constantly needing to remove captions from your Snapchat pictures, there are easy ways to do that. If you have saved your picture on Snapchat, there is a way you can remove captions from the photo through the app. All you have to do is log in to the app, locate the saved memories, and click on the image you want to edit. When you click to edit the picture, you can swipe left or right to remove your photo or video captions. As stated earlier, you can also use a third-party application to remove captions from your pictures on Snapchat.

Photo Eraser for iOS will help you to remove captions from Snapchat pictures if you use an iPhone. The app’s intelligent mode works excellent if your picture has a simple background color. The Advanced mode works better if the image has complex background colors. It is popular among Snapchat users due to its user-friendly interface and ability to remove objects and texts.

Once you remove the caption, click on “save,” and your picture will be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone. This app for Androids is also great for removing Snapchat captions from your photo.

Now, tap on the “Quick Remove” tool and click on the picture you want to edit. Once you are done, click on the “Quick Erase” button to highlight the caption you want to remove. This app is another excellent choice for iOS users who want to remove captions from images. It has the Intelligent and Advanced modes to help users remove captions instantly.

With either the “Intelligent” or “Advanced” tools, select the area of the picture you want to edit. If you don’t want to download an app to your mobile phone, you can use an online tool instead.

Now, click on the red circle on the left side of the screen to highlight the unwanted caption. This app is an excellent choice for iPhone users who want to remove texts from Snapchat without damaging the photo.

It also features a healing tool that takes out Snapchat captions from pictures without blurring the background. Now, move the healing tool to the caption area to remove the text.

Inpint online easily erases the caption from pictures without leaving blur marks on it. You can log in to your Snapchat and remove the caption or use any of the software tools mentioned above.

All the tools we mentioned are tested and trusted by users, so you can use anyone who draws your attention without thinking twice.

How to remove a Snapchat caption from photos or videos

How to remove a Snapchat caption from photos or videos

When you take a photo or record a video with a Snapchat caption, you decide to remove it, it will be much of a hassle if you don’t know how to go about it. This article will help you remove Snapchat captions easily from photos or videos. This will only work if you have saved your photo or video on Snapchat. Long press the photo or video from which you want to remove the caption.

After erasing the caption, press the ‘Done’ option on the upper-right side of your screen. It requires a one-time fee of $30 that can be paid via a credit card or an online mode of payment such as PayPal. Select the part of the image with the caption using the ‘Rectangular’ feature.

The methods detailed above will be able to help you remove any caption from a photo or a video, whether it has been saved on Snapchat or not.

How To Edit Snapchat Text After Posting

How To Edit Snapchat Text After Posting

However, the recently introduced Memories feature allows you to edit your Snaps, including the text on them. If you want to edit your previous Snaps, make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your smartphone. If you have an Android smartphone, launch the Play Store from the Home screen and tap on the Menu icon in the top-left corner. Find Snapchat on the list and tap the Update button next to the app’s icon.

With the latest version of the app installed on your device, let’s investigate the editing options the Memories feature offers. Have in mind that the steps are identical for both the Android and iOS versions of Snapchat. Launch the updated app from your phone or tablet’s Home screen.

However, if you’ve opened Stories or Chat windows to see what’s new, just tap on the circle icon located near the bottom of the screen. When the Memories section appears on the screen, you’ll have the choice between the Camera Roll and Snaps tabs. Browse the Camera Roll or the Snaps section of the Memories for the picture you would like to edit.

Tap on the Pencil icon to open the Edit menu at the top of the screen. Paintbrush, scissors, sticker, letter T, and another pencil comprise the list.

The Paintbrush tool hides various effects that you can add to the image you’re editing. The number on it represents how long a Snap remains visible to the receiving party once they open it. On the other hand, captions written with big letters can also be rotated and moved left and right.

If you’d like to make your caption smaller, pinch the text with your thumb and index finger. In case you’d like to enlarge the text, spread your thumb and index finger outwards. Once you finish tidying up your caption, you’re ready to send or publish your refreshed Snap. Even though Snapchat allows you less control over your Snaps and Stories than Facebook and Instagram, the introduction of Memories is a step forward.

22 Snapchat Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

22 Snapchat Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

We've been so distracted by the flower crown and puppy filters that we didn't even know about some of Snapchat's hidden gems. Snapping and sending pics is easy - become a Snapchat super user by incorporating these ideas into your stories each week.

Simply take a photo in Snapchat, and caption it with a single letter (you can do this by selecting the "T" icon). Choose the largest text size when creating the caption. End result - you'll have a funky border that'll be the envy of other snappers. If you want to use Snapchat to show off your artistic skills, your phone's zoom is perfect for creating some serious masterpieces.

You can use this feature on both iOS and Android devices - begin by opening your phone's Settings. Choose Window or Full Screen under Zoom Region. You need to have good timing for this to work - start by opening your favorite music app and finding the song you want to play.

Make sure you push record during your favorite part of the song so that it will be included in your video. Background noise can turn a great video into a disaster, which you can eliminate with the tap of your finger. You're browsing through content from Snapchat's Discover partners and you see something you want to share. Tap on it and then hold it down - Snapchat will open it up as a draft, and you can add your drawings or captions.

Because of this, adding captions and drawings to "Discover" Content likely won't be a major part of your social media management efforts. You'll need to get the largest text size available, so click the "T" icon when you caption the snap. Get wordy with your snaps by opening multiple lines of text.

Start by opening Notes on your phone - hit Return once for each line that you want to create. For instance, if you want five lines of text, hit Return five times.

Record a video that includes a moving object - finish filming and go to the preview screen. Then, your emoji will play follow the leader with the moving target. The same isn't true for iOS device owners - you'll need to do a little bit of work to open everything up.

If you want to go with white, select the rainbow color palette then move your finger to the top-left hand portion of the screen. As it gets bigger, it will want to come back to the middle of the screen, but continue to move it toward the corner. If you're representing a brand, engagement is crucial to making sales. To do this, choose a username and swipe right on it - this will open up the Chat feature.

If you're out and about while snapping, you can burn up some serious data - save it by enabling Travel Mode. It doesn't matter where the Snap appears, you can remove it easily with this process. You don't always have two free hands to zoom on Snapchat - if that's the case, use this cool trick. Start by recording a video, then slide your finger up the screen if you want to zoom in. Just press and hold the snap you want to edit - a pencil icon will appear. It's easy to do - just memorize your sharable browser link and then share it.

Start by using the app to take a picture, then swipe left across the screen. After you've selected all the desired filters, you're now ready to share your snap with the entire world. It's hard to hold down the capture button and simultaneously keep your phone steady - especially when you're moving between your front and rear cameras.

If you have an IOS device, you can kiss the capture button goodbye, which enabled you to move between your front and rear cameras with ease. Press your finger on the phone's screen until the blue bar maxes out. You are most likely aware that the text filters have different options - for instance, you can turn feet into meters. Photos by Christiana Yebra, you can follow her on Snapchat at christianayebra.

Use this trick to keep your Snapchat text messages from

Use this trick to keep your Snapchat text messages from

Snapchat's Chat feature lets you send text messages to friends within the app. Turns out, saving messages on Snapchat is as easy as knowing where to tap your screen. Open the app as you normally would to send a Snap and swipe right, away from the camera screen.

Once you leave the Chat screen, unsaved messages vanish forever.

15 Hidden Snapchat Hacks & Features You'll Wish You Knew About

Snapchat, the one-to-one messaging app with more than 150 million daily active users, has earned a reputation for fast growth and innovation. Or that you can add emojis to your Snapchat videos — and make it so they move and scale with specific objects? One of the biggest changes Snapchat made during its most recent update in March 2016 was the addition of a voice and video chat feature. When you release the button by picking your finger up from the screen, the recording will stop and send immediately with no do-overs.

In other words, make sure you’re ready to record and send the voice or video message before you begin. If they don’t answer within a few seconds, you’ll see a pop-up notification asking you if you’d like to send a voice or video message instead. Note: Voice and video chat will only work if both you and the person you’re trying to call have updated their app to the most recent version. Also, remember that there’s no verification once you tap or hold down on one of the icons — it’ll start ringing or recording right away. Can’t choose between giving your photo a blue hue and letting your friends know you’re going 0 mph? (To add that first filter, just swipe your finger left or right over your photo to rotate among them until you settle on one.).

If you’re looking to dress up your Snapchats outside of the text box, you can add an emoji (or five) and place them anywhere you want on your photo or video. These new stickers are super cute — everything from cacti to snarky kittens to walruses celebrating Hump Day.

Snapchat recently added features for videos allowing users to make them go in fast forward, slow motion, or rewind. These features work just like a filter, so to access them, record the video first and then swipe sideways to find them.

To change the color of your text, start by taking your photo or video, then tap the “T” icon at the top of your screen. To change the orientation and/or size of the text, use two fingers to rotate it or resize it by pinching and zooming.

When I first started using Snapchat on a regular basis, I noticed right away that it was draining my battery faster than any of my other social media apps. Thankfully, Snapchat actually has a built-in feature to help conserve your data, in the form of “travel mode.”.

When you set your Snapchat app to travel mode, snaps and stories won’t download automatically. To turn your Snapchat app to travel mode, go to settings, which you can access by opening Snapchat, tapping the ghost icon in the top center of the screen, and then tapping the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’re on the settings page, tap “Manage” under “Additional Services” and toggle “Travel Mode” on. In February 2016, Snapchat started letting anyone — whether you’re a business or an individual — create custom “on-demand geofilters.” On-demand geofilters are filters users can add when they take photos and videos from specific locations. In June 2016, they claimed that two-thirds of Snapchat’s 10 billion daily video views are watched with the sound on. Adding music can add a unique touch to your Snapchat videos, and it’s simple to do.

“The nature of Snapchat, in terms of user-experience, plays into the prominence of sound on the platform,” said Brian Nguyen, group communications strategy director at Droga5. Then, tap the microphone icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen once so that the sound waves are replaced with an X. Tap the three dots on the far right-hand side of the screen to bring up the download button to the left.

Then, tap on your Story and swipe up on the Snap you want and hit the download button at the top of the screen. We hope these tricks and features help you use Snapchat to connect with your friends, fans, and even customers in a way that’s low-cost, but highly personal and engaging.

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