Once a Snap has been moved into the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab, it can be moved back with a few simple taps of your finger. What you do is remove the pictures from the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab, thereby, making it just an empty tab.

There’s no way to just delete my eyes only folder on Snapchat, you can only delete the memories in there. Before you can attempt to remove anything from my eyes only, the feature needs to be turned on and you need to have memories saved to that folder. When you go to save your first memories, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode that’ll allow make the folder secret. For the uninitiated, Snapchat’s ‘My Eyes Only’ feature lets you select a few pictures, as many as you like, and send them to a separate tab.

So, if someone decides to open the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab, they’ll need to input a passcode or passphrase before they can view anything. Afterwards, you pictures will be moved to ‘My Eyes Only’. If you prefer a passphrase, choose Use Passphrase at the bottom of the input section.

Punch in the correct passcode or passphrase you created. If you select all of the memories in the My eyes only folder and delete them, then my eyes only will no longer have any content in there.

Recover My Eyes Only Pictures on Snapchat – Bypass Passcode

Recover My Eyes Only Pictures on Snapchat – Bypass Passcode

On Snapchat, you will see the ‘My Eyes Only’ section where all the private snaps and memories are being saved and you can access those using a passcode. If you want to recover the My Eyes Only data there are no such direct ways to get those videos or snaps back. However, if you contact the Snapchat support team before you reset the passcode then there could be a chance to get the My Eyes Only data on your mobile. To recover the My Eyes Only memories, pictures or snaps, first contact the Snapchat support team and then go into the appropriate option ‘passcode’, and then a form will display.

However, you can install the Snapchat++ to Bypass My Eyes Only passcode on the Snapchat++ app and see the saved snaps or memories. In this article, a few things that you have to follow if you just forgot the passcode are mentioned in a detailed guide.

If you just have forgotten the My Eyes Only passcode from your Snapchat then there are several things that you can do in order to take action to protect your Snaps or memories saved under the section. It’s found on the Snapchat website that by resetting the passcode, you would lose all data that are not recoverable. If you click on the forget passcode button then after just tapping your password will reset but simultaneously your memory will also wipe out from your account. Your snap will be saved there and after resetting the passcode Snapchat has no way without your consent to check your data.

If you ever click on forget the password to recover your My Eyes Only, then you will lose all your snaps and videos which be a drastic loss to anyone. Lastly, you get an option to create your new password and after entering the old one, your ‘My Eyes Only’ account will be recovered.

After selecting the option of forgot password then your complete data related to Snapchat will be wiped out from your account. The first thing you have to do is select the browser whatever you are using and search the Snapchat Support website to fill the form.

Then you will select the passcode option from the given list of “Which part of memories can help with?” Next, the system will ask you “Need help with Something Else” you have to click on the yes button and after that, enter your username, email, phone number in the fourth option you have to enter the device by which you use Snapchat.

How to use the My Eyes Only feature on Snapchat (tutorial

How to use the My Eyes Only feature on Snapchat (tutorial

The major update happened while I was taking a month-long hiatus from social media. How to use My Eyes Only on Snapchat.

How to add photos to My Eyes Only.

How to delete my eyes only feature on snapchat?

This way, you can physically hand over your phone to your besties and they can look through your Memories and see all the cool things you did on your rad beach vacation without worrying about them seeing any Snaps that you know they'd never let you live down. If you forget your passcode (or password, if you prefer words to numbers), not even Team Snapchat can help you access or recover anything saved there.

If you forget your passcode, you can choose to create a new one, but you'll lose everything that is currently saved to the My Eyes Only page. Memories will be selectively rolling out over the next month, and you'll receive a Chat from Team Snapchat when the feature is ready for you to start saving some Snaps.

Snapchat Finally Acknowledges the Existence of Sexting With

Snapchat Finally Acknowledges the Existence of Sexting With

I met Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel a few years ago in an interaction that went from polite to extremely awkward within a matter of minutes. "Oh, I don't really use Snapchat.

In the latest update to the social app, Snapchat has launched a new feature called Memories, which lets you save your old snaps on the startups' servers. That tool is called "My Eyes Only," and it keeps any sensitive snaps hidden away behind a pin-code lock.

Just take a quick snap and store it in "My Eyes Only.". But it's also clear that Snapchat made this tool with sexting specifically in mind. Though that is just one of the many capabilities of the social app, no use of Snapchat was more important to the app's early success than the ability to send sexual photos and videos that disappeared from other users' devices within a matter of seconds.

As Spiegel rightly decided -- showing great judgment from his early days as CEO -- he was not going to let his app fall into the categories of "sex app," "mobile porn" or, far worse, "child pornography," but clearly, sexting was key to Snapchat's growth in those days.

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