However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you upload Snapchat snaps to Instagram stories on iPhone and vice-a-versa. How to upload Snapchat photos or videos to Instagram stories.

While a bit longer than direct sharing, the process is super simple. Note: You can also save Snapchat videos to your Camera Roll before posting; just tap the Download icon. In fact, most video editing apps have also incorporated such features into their mix.

While the ideal technique is to save the story or post before making it live, there are times you might forget that. I prefer the Repost: For Instagram‬ app, as it allows me to copy the captions, which I can reuse for Snapchat! The above-mentioned tricks are the way to go, or you can always use that download button before uploading anything on Snapchat or Instagram.

Did you follow the trick and upload Snapchat snaps to Instagram stories on iPhone? Instagram and Snapchat are direct competitors, and none would want their users to leave their app and visit the other.

As a result, we have to take the longer route to share Snap photos and videos to Instagram stories or vice-a-versa.

[Quick Hack] How to Add Snapchat Filters to Your Instagram Stories

[Quick Hack] How to Add Snapchat Filters to Your Instagram Stories

My pal, the crazy-remarkable founder of Collective Hub, Lisa Messenger, and I were just discussing this... yes, over Instagram stories earlier today. Step 2: Once you've got the perfect snap, save it to your memories by clicking the little arrow inbox icon. Step 7: Open up Instagram and tap the new Stories + icon in the top left hand side of the app. Step 8: Once the camera activates, pull from the center of the screen down and select your saved Snapchat story. Step 9: Add any additional text and tap the white tick box to publish your Snapchat filter on Instagram Stories.

How to Manage Instagram and Snapchat Stories Using Storyheap

How to Manage Instagram and Snapchat Stories Using Storyheap

The same applies to brands with a story, as those who are more transparent, communicative and appear the most humans online are the ones more likely to build trust with their customers. Both these limitations mean that unless you’ve got the time and resources, you are forced to using one Stories app and risk losing customers who are on other platforms .

Designed by Sebastian Dobrincu, Storyheap is CMS platform that allows you to manage your Snapchat and Instagram, stories in one centralized hub without the need to kill time. The idea came to him one day as he was Snapchatting in New York, overcome by the same problem of having to crosspost on multiple Stories as mentioned earlier. 1) With the limited API of both Snapchat and Instagram platforms, how are you able to allow Storyheap to upload, schedule, and analyze stories?

Ultimately we hope to give content creators, brands, and agencies the right tools to successfully market their business, track their performance, and engage with the audience. Currently we have scraping set at 15 minutes during our initial launch period, and we are working to reduce to almost instantaneous cross posting in the near future.

In the near future we are working to provide competitor analysis and giving you statistics on when is the best time to post a story to get the maximum reach of your audience. We also work with agencies and marketers to provide custom plans, and any profile we connect has access to our publishing and analytics tools.

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

In many ways, Instagram Stories has been the surprise success feature on that social network. It was initially introduced as a "SnapChat killer" – taking one of the most significant features of that platform and trying to make it better.

One of the more notable recent changes has been the ability to add music to your Instagram Story. According to Brandwatch, 60 percent of the people who play Instagram Stories have their sound turned on, so the addition of music adds to the user experience.

You can search by Popular, Moods, and Genres, or look for specific tracks Step 6 Select the song that you like and add it to your Story. Instagram upped the music ante in June this year when they added the ability to add lyrics to your Stories.

You can easily change the appearance of the lyrics in your Story so that they fit in with the mood of the visuals. Instagram offers a wide range of fonts, designs, and text effects so that you can personalize the lyrics as you desire. If you have lyrics showing up in your Story, it's probably more important than ever that you select the best portion of the song to convey the meaning of your message.

In some ways, the short period of an Instagram Stories clip is harder than with a long video. You can position the sticker anywhere you want on your screen and alter its size to ensure that it doesn't cover up anything you want people to see clearly. Presumably, Instagram has made licensing agreements with music companies, and they will have to be negotiated separately for each region.

The first countries to access Instagram Music are Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and the USA. There are both free and paid alternatives Connect to a server from one of the "legitimate" countries (i.e., Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, or the USA.).

Follow the VPS's instructions to ensure that it's running properly Go to your app store and reinstall Instagram Log into your account. You can still use this workaround f you feel restricted by the conventional method, or live outside the approved countries and prefer not to use a VPN.

There is a massive range of video editing software available, depending on the level of power and sophistication you need.

All the Ways to Share Your Songs on Socials From Spotify – Spotify

All the Ways to Share Your Songs on Socials From Spotify – Spotify

That’s why we’ve focused on building tools like Promo Cards that help make the link between Spotify and social media seamless and effective, including integrations with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, along with a few other nifty features we’ve made available to our Spotify for Artists community. You can unveil a brand-new song, celebrate an album anniversary, or share a personally curated playlist in just a few clicks and see your listening numbers soar. To do so, head to any track, album, playlist, or artist profile in the Spotify app; open the Share menu (again, by tapping the “...” button); and click Instagram Stories. As of now, previews play only on tracks, but you can still share albums, playlists, and profiles to FB stories with a direct link into Spotify.

When viewing, your friends and followers can then swipe up to open up Spotify and start playing the music you’ve shared. You can grab a Spotify Code (which looks like a sound wave below the content’s artwork) from any profile, song, album, or playlist on the app.

Promote your artist profile, your songs, your album, or when you’re featured on some of our most popular playlists on social media with shareable Promo Cards. You can create these easily customizable graphic assets at this site — available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, and Spanish — where there’s no log-in required. It’s a great way to bring added attention to a new release or spark interest in an older song.

So far, artists using Canvas have seen as much as a 200% rise in track shares and, generally speaking, increased engagement on Spotify streams and views. To include your new looped artwork on IG Stories, go into the Spotify app and click “Share” on the track featuring your Canvas.

As with any Spotify-originated post on IG Stories, there will be a clickable “Play on Spotify” link that’s displayed on the upper left corner of the screen.

How to Find and Add Someone on Snapchat in 3 Ways

How to Find and Add Someone on Snapchat in 3 Ways

Plus, the service offers plenty of fun filters to enhance your posts – from dog ears to floating hearts – and even geotags to commemorate special events or locations you visit. If you use Snapchat on your iPhone or Android, chances are you've added your friends, family, and maybe even your romantic partner as a contact. But what if you want to find someone you just met on the network – or even follow a celebrity you think may have a Snapchat account?

Finding people on Snapchat is easy and can be done in three different ways on your iPhone or Android. On your phone's home screen, locate and tap the Snapchat icon to open the app.

In the top left hand corner of your screen, tap your profile icon, which may appear as a Bitmoji. Next, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to find your friends by syncing your contacts.

Tap the Snapchat icon on your phone's home screen to launch the app. In the search bar at the top of the screen, type the person's username you're trying to locate.

Open Snapchat by tapping the app's icon on your phone's home screen. Point your camera to the user's Snapcode and tap and hold the screen for a few seconds before letting go.

A screenshot or photo of their Snapcode can also be scanned by your phone to locate their Snapchat account.

Manage your Snapchat and Instagram Stories with Storyheap

Manage your Snapchat and Instagram Stories with Storyheap

They are taking over the world of content because they provide a transparent, easy to consume medium for creators to share their message. We help the world’s coolest brands, agencies and influencers grow their audience, promote their businesses and get new customers through social media. Thanks to their organic and personal nature it’s arguably the easiest way to create a real connection with your audience, online. While there are other platforms doing analytics for Snapchat, their product lacks a bunch of features and it’s extremely unreliable (hence why so many users switch to Storyheap). With unique features such as Autopilot, you can easily synchronize multiple social accounts without clicking any button. On one hand we have huge brands, such as: HubSpot, Universal Music, StartUp Grind, but also a lot of smaller ones, that are just getting started with stories.

A very popular feature, especially among influencers is Autopilot which lets you automatically synchronize the stories from a pair of accounts, whenever you post. Being the #1 most upvoted on ProductHunt on our launch day got us a lot of traffic, but not so many conversions as the PH audience is mostly consumers. Besides that we’re working very actively with HubSpot to provide an integration that will allow our users to easily synchronize their Storyheap data to their favourite CRM. On top of the very common ones like Slack or Google Analytics, the followings have really saved us a lot of time and effort:. We tried several other similar solutions, until we finally settled on Drift, thanks to its amazing capabilities, mobile app and ease of integration.

Instagram Stories now lets its 400M users add soundtracks

Instagram Stories now lets its 400M users add soundtracks

The right music can make a boring photo or video epic, so Instagram is equipping users with a way to add popular songs to their Stories. Thanks to Facebook’s recent deals with record labels, users will be able to choose from thousands of songs from artists including Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris and Guns N’ Roses.

The launch could make Instagram Stories more fun to post and watch in a way that copyrights won’t allow on Snapchat, while giving the app a way to compete with tween favorite Snapchat’s growth rate fell to its slowest pace ever last quarter amidst a despised redesign, while Instagram Stories has steadily added unique and popular features like Highlights, Superzoom and resharing of public feed posts.

It’s easy to imagine users lip syncing to their favorite jams, adding clashing background music for comedic effect or earnestly trying to compose something emotionally powerful.

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