This isn’t for looks, it’s how Apple indicates you’re sending an SMS text message (green) or an iMessage (blue). Back then, sending SMS messages was inconvenient—it required the painstaking task of inputting letters on a numeric keyboard. Then, smartphones came along with their onscreen keyboards, and texting quickly became a primary form of communication.

The combination meant we could more easily send pictures, videos, and other data in our text messages, making them even more useful. If you’re interested in unlimited texting, check out the latest Xfinity Mobile plans.

iMessage isn’t enabled by default on an iPhone, but when you first set up the phone, you have the option to switch it on. This is useful if you want to let your children “text” friends and family using an iPad, iPod, or old iPhone without signing up for a cellular data plan.

Just keep in mind that SMS messaging is becoming an antiquated service, which may be obsolete in a few short years as cellular carriers focus on improving data connectivity. There are already so many ways we can communicate using our phones, including messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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Fix iPhone IMessage Not Sending Texts to Non-Apple Phones

Fix iPhone IMessage Not Sending Texts to Non-Apple Phones

Apple was sued last week by a former customer who claims she could no longer receive texts on her new Samsung phone because texts to her phone number get held hostage in Apple's iMessage system. Apple has a help page here with some advice for people who can't receive texts from iPhone users. However, after combing through hundreds reader accounts of working with Apple to resolve this issue, we've put together this guide for anyone considering switching their iPhone for a non-iPhone brand. The technical problem revolves around the fact that iPhone uses iMessage to send texts. Disabling iMessage sounds easy, but according to users who have contacted us it is at best a multi-step process and at worst — say your phone broke or you traded it in before killing iMessage — can permanently disable you from receiving texts from iPhone users. Yes, several weeks — Apple's tech support people have told Business Insider's readers that their servers can take up to 45 days to refresh and clear phone number and iMessage data from their systems.

Move the green slider button into the off position so it turns white, like this:. In practice, however, you're going to want to go to extremes to make sure that your phone number is no longer associated with iMessage. Remember, iMessage works across the entire Apple ecosystem, so that texts can be delivered to your MacBook or your iPad.

As the folks at iMore put it, if you want to fully deactivate iMessage from Apple's servers:. Have your closest friends and loved ones delete and re-add your phone number from their contact lists.

Reset your Apple ID Password and then on your new Android phone, text STOP to 48369.

If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Enter the phone numbers or email addresses of your contacts. If you have other issues with a group message, you might need to delete the conversation and start a new one.

To save an attachment in a message, tap the Download button .

Switch texting from iMessage to Messages

Make sure to turn iMessage off before you remove the SIM card from your iPhone. If you no longer have your old iPhone or already removed the SIM card, request that Apple deregister your phone number with iMessage.

How to text iPhone vids that aren't blurry on Android (and vice versa

How to text iPhone vids that aren't blurry on Android (and vice versa

That means some of our Message chats are peppered with green bubbles and send over regular SMS instead of via Apple’s ultra-fast iMessage system. But it’s not just the color and speed that makes iMessage superior: it’s also the clarity and downright watchability when dealing with videos.

If you thought the latest Game of Thrones episode was hard to see, clearly you’ve never sent a video from Messages on your iPhone to a friend with an Android phone. That carefully edited HD clip you took on your new iPhone was reduced to an unwatchable sludge once it reached your friend’s phone. As they say, once bad apple can spoil the bunch, so if one of the recipients in your group is on an Android phone, then the entire message will be sent over SMS. If you send a video using any of these services, it’ll reach your recipient with its quality intact (as long as you don’t run into any file-size limitations). Unless you have lots of space on your Google Drive and choose to save the “original” resolution, the quality will be a bit downgraded, but nothing like what happens when you try to text over Messages. While it won’t turn your Galaxy-using friends’ bubbles blue on iPhones, it should help increase the quality of the photos and videos your receive from them.

They can enable chat (if it’s available) by tapping Settings in the overflow menu in the top right corner of the main conversation list.

My iPhone can't text friend's Android, but my wife's iPhone can

The strange part is, my wife's iPhone (4s running iOS 6) can text him perfectly fine, no problem at all, so whatever is happening seems to be on my end.

Fix problems sending, receiving or connecting to Messages

Verify that Messages is set as your default texting app. Make sure your carrier supports SMS, MMS, or RCS messaging.

If you’re switching from an iPhone, make sure you’ve deactivated iMessage for your number. Fix problems sending or receiving messages from specific contacts.

I’m getting unreadable text messages: If you switched from a phone with visual voicemail to one without, and you get unreadable texts from your mobile carrier, troubleshoot your voicemail notifications.

How to disable and deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad

How to disable and deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad

That way you have turned off iMessage and it gives the servers a few days to actually process the request completely and boot you off. Once you've switched to your new smartphone, verify you can send and receive text messages to someone else using an iPhone.

If you've already migrated over to your new device but forgot to deactivate iMessage and no longer have access to an iPhone, don't sweat. Apple has an online process for you to deactivate your phone number from the iMessage servers.

In order to do this, make sure you have your Apple ID on hand as well as the phone number in question. Then just tell them you're switching to a smartphone that isn't an iPhone and you can't receive messages so you need them to manually unregister you from the iMessage servers.

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