If you're looking to spice up your messages to your friends and family, you can litter them with emoji all you want! If that doesn't sound important to you, then you haven't seen the kind of cheers emoji get on stage or the amount of interest they generate on social platforms. If you like sending emoji in your texts and iMessages , Apple makes doing that incredibly easy.

Between Tapbacks for reacting directly to a message and using machine learning to know which emoji to recommend, Apple understands that these little pictograms are some of the best iPhone communication tools. Apple's predictive QuickType keyboard can suggest emoji as well as, you know, regular words. Tap on a word that's highlighted orange to replace it with its corresponding emoji. They're similar to Slack or Facebook emoji reactions and drop right onto any iMessage bubble sent your way. Context is king, and a thumbs up Tapback to your Mom might mean something different than one to your best friend. : Like, love, or fave Thumbs up : Happy, approve, or agree.

: Happy, approve, or agree Thumbs down : Sad, disapprove, or disagree. Touch and hold (long press) or double-tap on an iMessage with the Tapback you want to change. Using emoji has never been easier, and Tapbacks just somehow made things even simpler.

Apple's New Animoji

Apple's New Animoji

Announced at the September 12 Apple Event , Animoji is a new feature included as part of iOS which sends "animated emojis" in iMessage that respond to your own facial expressions. The TrueDepth camera analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 Animoji. Above: Craig Federighi demonstrates the chicken Animoji on stage at the September 12 Apple Event. The result of your recording is a video of a cute (or creepy) emoji which appears to read your message back out, mimicking the same facial expressions you used when creating it.

Best case scenario: send some amusing messages to friends and families where the panda, unicorn, or poo wish them a happy birthday or other greeting. Worst case scenario: ignore this particular iMessage app and continue using regular (non-animated, silent) emojis as you normally would.

First Look: 217 New Emojis in iOS 14.5

First Look: 217 New Emojis in iOS 14.5

New emojis have arrived on iOS as part of the latest iOS 14.5 beta. These include a heart on fire, exhaling face, and gender options for the people with beards. Also included in this update is a vaccine-friendly syringe emoji, and support for couples with a mix of skin tones.

Most emojis these days provide an option for a gender inclusive default, or a specific gender can be chosen to show an emoji as a woman or man. Also changed in the latest iOS beta: the 🎧 Headphone emoji.

Coming in iOS 14.5, this changes to what appears to be Apple's latest AirPod Max. Release.

Coming to iOS 'this Spring' (northern hemisphere), these updates are in the latest iOS 14.5 beta 2 available for developers now.

Snowflake emoji and why it's falling into everyone's messages.

Snowflake emoji and why it's falling into everyone's messages.

Most emojis have an alternate meaning either in a positive, negative, or sexual meaning. What does the snowflake emoji mean? This is not the original meaning but what users on social media implied it.

No, the rapper Instagram message was about Saweetie 2017 hit song “Icy Girl” thus the snowflake emoji “❄️”. On social media, there’s no consensual meaning but it can be referred to as “You so icy (blinged out/rich) and I’m a glacier boy (interested)”. But and there’s another meaning? But if the person replies with a fire emoji “🔥” that person has melted your snowflake, which means they’re not interested.

Add reactions to messages

Important: To add reactions to messages, everyone in the chat must have an Android phone or tablet. Everyone in the chat must turn on rich communication services (RCS).

Tip: On a computer, to add a reaction, hover over a message. On a computer, to add a reaction, hover over a message.

In a group chat, anyone can add a reaction to a message.

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