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FaceTime “poor connection” never resumes

Immediately after updating, the problem described in my question started happening consistently every time within a minute or 2 of placing the call. Initially they told me to watch for an update of iOS 12.5, but ultimately, the problem must have been server-side, because after a few months, it just suddenly started working reliably.

So the answer to this question is, the only thing you can do is call Apple and complain.

How To Fix FaceTime Poor Connection Problems

How To Fix FaceTime Poor Connection Problems

In these difficult times, when we have either been forbidden from seeing family and friends, or we decide that a video call is much less risky than seeing them in person, the frustration that comes when our FaceTime video call lags or suffer connection issues is significant. In this article we will discuss how to avoid FaceTime lag and fix connection issues.

We hope that the new changes coming to FaceTime in macOS Monterey this autumn will improve the issues we are experiencing with Apple's video calling software, but it seems likely that these new features are going to be even greater bandwidth hog, which could just exacerbate the issue. The software includes 49 instruments that deal with the most common issues Mac users face every day. CleanMyMac X deletes hidden junk and malware, and optimizes the Mac for maximum speed. Before we start making changes to your Mac and internet set up it's a good idea to check that there isn't a problem with FaceTime.

You should close your other apps, or at least pause any downloads that are happening in the background to free up your bandwidth. There is a new Low Power Mode coming in Monterey and we'll be watching out to see if this affects FaceTime performance.

Because it streams both video and audio FaceTime uses a lot of bandwidth and requires a fast Wi-Fi connection. You may find that moving closer to your router helps - this means that the WiFi doesn't have to travel through any thick walls for example.

It's also worth running a speed test on your broadband to find out if you are getting what your supplier is promising you. It's possible your issue is being caused by either the FaceTime software or the version of macOS you are running.

Generally speaking if you have less than 10% of your hard drive space free you will encounter issues, so we advise you to delete or archive some stuff if you are close to capacity. Click on the Apple logo and choose About This Mac > Storage to see how much space you have free.

If you need to delete some stuff read this for advice: How to save space on Mac. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a bit like a phonebook for the Internet, it's usually operated by your ISP. Another option is to flush the DNS cache, which can fix network and connectivity problems. To make this process easier you could try CleanMyMac X's Maintenance feature which can Flush DNS cache for you:.

facetime issue

facetime issue

we've tried restarting our network box, turning off the box's internal wifi antennae (we have a 3 google point mesh system running), we've tried facetime on our macbook, macbook pro, ipad pro, 2 iphone 7s, and the problem still exists. the wifi signal is at max bars for all attempts.

Facetime poor connection whose fault – TechNews

Facetime poor connection whose fault – TechNews

While iOS 15 was announced at WWDC 2021 in June, it went through significant changes until it was released on September 20 .

Top 10 Solutions on How to Fix FaceTime not Connecting in iOS 15

Top 10 Solutions on How to Fix FaceTime not Connecting in iOS 15

To help you get back to your calls and enjoy chatting with friends, relatives, and probably your clients, we will help you fix the Facetime poor connection problem here. This means, creating a backup before fixing the Facetime not connecting problem is extremely important.

These services however require you to either create a full backup for the device or none at all. Pick the data types you wish to back up from the ones listed under this option. Keep the device connected to the computer until the backup process is finished. If you are trying to fix the Facetime poor connection issue on your Mac, you will need to back up your important data to an external hard drive. After creating the back up for your device, you can go ahead and fix the Facetime not connecting problem. Step 2: Choose a Wi-Fi network, click on it and enter the Password to connect.

Changing the DNS information on your device can help fix the Facetime poor connection problem. The date and time settings can lead to Facetime not connecting problem.

This simple fix could help you eliminate the Facetime won't connect problem. If your Facetime won't connect resetting your network settings could help fix the underlying problem. Step 1: Launch Settings, tap General, click Reset. Step 2: Tap Reset Network Settings and confirm on the popup that appears. To fix this issue, you will need to update to the latest iOS version. Step 1: Launch Settings, tap General, click Software Update.

Step 2: Wait for the latest iOS version to appear under Software Update. Agree with the terms and conditions Apple will display to initiate the Update. Make sure you have created a backup for your device first before you initiate the Facetime fixing process.

If FaceTime isn't working on your Mac

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