Facebook's secret messenger feature allows users to talk to one another in a completely private and closed-off chat. Secret Conversations enables two friends to speak to each other in an encrypted space which no-one else, including Facebook, is able to view.

Secret Conversations echoes features other apps, such as Snapchat, have had for some time, but there are safety implications for parents to consider if your child has a Facebook account. Some parents of younger children only allow them to open a Facebook account in return for knowing their password so they can monitor what they are doing in the app.

If this is you, you should be aware that this feature means that children could be having private conversations on their phones that you will never see if you log into their account on another device. To read Facebook's advice about Secret Conversations and discover how to report posts when using it, click here.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Did you know that with the above-mentioned app, you can chat in incognito mode? There are several ways to create a new Secret Chat in the Mark Zuckererg app, although the easiest way is to use the Create New Chat button that we’ll explain to you now. If the user does not agree, messages will not be sent. Do you have a problem with Facebook Messenger Do you want to report it?

ALERT: Serious Vulnerability Found in Facebook Messenger

ALERT: Serious Vulnerability Found in Facebook Messenger

A serious vulnerability in Facebook Messenger for Windows has just been discovered that could allow remote attackers to execute malicious files on a compromised system in an attempt to help malware gain persistent/extended access.

How to Turn off Active Status on Facebook Messenger (2021)

Don’t worry it’s super easy and the best way to avoid your friends and family in personal time. Learn How to hide active status on Facebook Messenger iPhone and Android. In this world of cheaters, frauds, and annoying people, it is better to enjoy social sites such as Facebook by appearing offline.

we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article. However, some people are meant to disturb us but don’t worry you can stay hidden on Facebook from friends, family, and others if you follow this tutorial.

There is one more option to your demand if you really want to get rid of certain people on Facebook we recommend you to block them. Nowadays, Facebook is highly customizable, though controlling the Active Status of the profile is nothing new.

When the Active Status is disabled, your profile will appear inactive even though you’re chatting on Messenger or exploring Facebook. Besides, there’s an option available that lets you appear offline for specific people you choose. Nevertheless, the Active Status isn’t affected by the read and unread functionality of the messenger. Yes, it is possible to hide the active status for particular person on Facebook Messenger, the steps remain same to do so.

Follow the below steps to hide your active status on Messenger from one person. Sending the message is the only way left to check who’s online even after your active status is disabled.

If you want to go offline, then refer the above section and turn off active status for your Facebook Messenger profile. The below procedure to turn off last active on Messenger on iPhone and Android devices stays the same.

Irrespective of device, you can follow these steps to hide last active on Messenger. And we’ve already mentioned detailed steps regarding how to turn off the timestamp on Facebook Messenger if you don’t want to show active status to other.

Nothing to worry, it might be a minor software glitch or you have mistakenly disabled the active status for your profile.

ALERT: Facebook Has Fixed Major Spy Flaw

ALERT: Facebook Has Fixed Major Spy Flaw

Facebook have just fixed a major security bug that could have allowed attackers to both make and connect to Messenger audio calls without your permission or knowledge. The bug was found by Natalie Silvanovich, a researcher working for Google’s Project Zero security team and as soon as she reported it to Facebook they had it fixed within a couple of hours.



With Unseen, your contacts won’t know that your are reading their messages. You have now the freedom to read your friends’ messages incognito, without leaving any seen notices or blue check marks, and it works with most popular Chat Apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, VK… and many more! This last seen hider is very easy to use: when you receive a message from one of the supported Chat Apps, it will also be displayed in Unseen. - Hide seen notices and blue ticks for all of your favorite Chat Apps.

- Read chat messages invisibly and incognito, without your friends knowing. Unseen is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, KakaoTalk, Line, Imo or VK.

Use Facebook Messenger's Hidden 'Vanish Mode' for Disappearing

Use Facebook Messenger's Hidden 'Vanish Mode' for Disappearing

When you enable or disable Vanish Mode, it only does so on your end. It's only once you send a message, photo, video, or other content in the chat that your recipient will see their chat switch to Vanish Mode. So, if you enter Vanish Mode, you'll need to send a message to trigger the feature for your friend. Even if you disable Vanish Mode on your end, a friend sending a Vanish Mode message will trigger Vanish Mode on your side. If you or someone else screenshots or screen records the chat, you'll get a notification and a stamp in the thread. Until then, you can still send disappearing photos and videos.

Send messages to your heart's content, but once you leave the thread in Vanish Mode, any messages seen by both parties will disappear forever.

How to Go "Invisible" in Facebook Messenger

How to Go

Hiding on Facebook Chat. When there are a string of people you want to hide from on your Facebook chat, the best way is to group them in a list on Facebook. Now you have created a list of people you want to hide from. In the pop-up window, select the first option that says ‘All your friends see you except…’ and enter the name of the new list you have just created.

Click the ‘Save’ button and you now appear offline on Facebook Chat to the friends in the list.

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