Managing a discord server can seem a bit tedious, especially if you have multiple channels and there is a constant need to moderate. That is why in today’s post we’ll be going over what Dyno Bot is, Some of its features and commands you can use for server customization.

When running a Discord channel you can often come across situations where you need more than one pair of eyes and hands to better manage the server. If you run multiple channels, or host discussions, there can often be a conflict that can result in trolling or heated debates. From the Dyno Bot dashboard, you can configure, enable, or disable any and all settings for your server and collect important data at the same time.

Similarly, when dealing with spam content, or placing timed bans or muting members can easily be carried out with Dyno. And if you have a team handling your discord server, then you can even assign roles to different members according to the number of privileges you want to set.

Currently, there are more than 800,000 servers using Dyno bot, and you can use it for free or buy the premium version that has extra features. You can also send direct messages to members, look up stats concerning different events like the pandemic, create a poll, and find animal pictures, and much more.

It provides many controls and customizations that save you time and effort while ensuring that your community is a safe and engaging place for all members. It is pretty simple to set up, and you have a long list of commands that can be used to handle anything from welcoming and managing members, controlling trolls, applying bans, playing music, looking up Pokemon, and much more.



¶ Command Settings. On the Commands tab of your server’s dashboard, you can change settings like which commands are enabled/disabled, which roles can/cannot use a command, and what channels a command can/cannot be used in. Under the Settings button, you can set Allowed/Disabled Roles and Channels for the command. ¶ Command List.

(click for more info) Description Usage ?help Get information about Dyno or a command. ?help (command) ?info Get information about the bot. ?clearwarn [user] ?command Enable or disable a command. ?delmod [role] ?delrole Delete a server role. ?modules ?nick Change the bot nickname. (limit 1000) ?purge [count] ?role Manage the roles of a user.

?role [user] [role name] ?rolecolor Change the color of a role. ?deafen [user] (reason) ?delnote Delete a single note about a member. ?editnote [user] [note ID] [note] ?ignored List ignored channels, roles and users.

?lockdown (optional message) ?members List members in a role or roles. ?members [role] ?moderations Get a list of active timed moderations and remaining time.

?mute [user] (limit) (reason) ?note Add a note about a member. ?notes [user] ?reason Supply a reason for a moderation log case. ?reason [case number] [reason] ?rolepersist Assign/unassign a role that persists if the user leaves and rejoins. ?color [hex code] ?covid Get COVID-19 statistics. ?membercount ?randomcolor Generates a random hex color with a preview. ?ranks ?roleinfo Get information about a role.

?roleinfo [role] ?roles Get a list of server roles. (click for more info) Description Usage ?tag Get, create, edit or delete a tag.

Note: This command is a premium feature. Click here for more information about Premium.


Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions from our support channels. If you don’t know how to use a command, you can run ?help [commandname] and Dyno will respond with the help text for that command.

Join us on the Dyno server and let us know! ¶ How do I use Dyno? Start by heading over to and logging in, then select your server on the Manage Server page.

Check whether the command or module you’re trying to use is enabled by doing ?diagnose [commandname] , or alternatively by heading to your Server Dashboard > Commands. ¶ Can I use {dm} to message everyone in my server? If the module is enabled, check if Dyno can Read Messages and Send Messages in the log channel, as well as Embed Links.

Lastly, check if Dyno has manage webhooks in the channel and role permissions. For Dyno to be able to manage or moderate any role, he has to be VISUALLY higher then the role you want it to give or remove in the role settings screen of your discord.

Otherwise, Dyno will not be able to manage users who have the role. ¶ How can I get Dyno premium?

You can get Dyno premium here! You need either the Manage Server or Administrator permission in the server; otherwise you won’t be able to invite or manage Dyno for that server.

Automod ignores mods/admins, you should test with a user who has no permissions. Dyno doesn’t have manage messages in the channel/role permissions.

¶ Why can users send messages when they have the muted role? However, you can change that setting by clicking the option under purge in the manager commands section on the dashboard.

You may or may not have seen other bots that will delete messages older than 14 days one at a time, but Dyno does not do that and it is unlikely that this will change unless and until Discord makes the feature available to us. If you would like to completely purge a channel, you can right click on the channel and select “Clone Channel”.

That likely means the Make commands moderator only option is enabled. ¶ How many commands can I have in my server? Custom commands can only be executed by actually running the command like you would any other command.

¶ How do I make Dyno delete my command message when I run the command? ¶ How many {!command} variables can I have in a command?

You can have up to 3 of each command in a custom command. ¶ How do I create a command to add a role to a user? To do this, we can use the {!command} variable to run the ?role command in our cc. The syntax for the role command is ?role [user] [role] , so our custom command response would be:. {!role {user} +Potato}. {user} represents the user who called the command, + tells Dyno to add the role, and Potato is our role name in this case.

If you want to specify a user to have the role added to when you run the command (i.e. ?potato @user ), you’d need to use the $N variable, like so:. ¶ How do I add custom error messages to my command?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Dyno’s Custom Commands. First, make sure that your Custom Commands module is enabled.

Second, make sure that the user who is running the command meets all required roles and/or channels and does not have any ignored roles/is not using it in an ignored channel. If you still get the error, make sure you’ve added something into both the Command and Response fields and that there is not already a custom command or default command with the same name as the one you’re trying to add.

Why does my command’s embed still send when users without permission run the command?



Automod/Anti-spam: Dyno's Automod is perfect for keeping your server free from spam when you're away so you can spend less time deleting and moderating manually. Also check out the Autoban module for creating rules for new members joining the server. Welcome: Welcome new members with a highly customizable message in DM or in server! : AFK status, auto delete, announcements, joinable ranks, starboard, reminders, and much more.

Discord Bots Explained - Rythm bot, Dyno bot, Mee6 and more

Discord Bots Explained - Rythm bot, Dyno bot, Mee6 and more

‘Bot’ is short for robot, and internet or web robots are software applications coded to run relatively simple automated tasks.

How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server

How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server

If you run a Discord server, you have a wide variety of options to provide neat features for your players. A website that has a helpful chat window immediately opens up offering to talk with you about their product or service; that’s a bot.

Bots can be helpful or infuriating, depending on their purpose, their design, and how they are deployed. A GitHub search for Discord bots will find just about everything that it is in the public view for the truly hardcore.

Adding Bots to your Discord server can be a lengthy process the first time around. Once Selected; Choose the drop-down menu (The server name in the top left-hand of the screen with a small down arrow next to it). Find the Bot that you’ll add to your server and log in using your Discord credentials.

Follow the prompts – This will take you through a series of permissions, and it will ask for Administrator access which is why Step 1 is so important. There are several options for bots available; some may differ in their process, but following the prompts will make the installation successful. If you have trouble finding your server, make sure that you are logged into Discord in the same browser you’re using for the Bots’ website.

This will bring up a confirming dialog from Discord asking you to choose which server you want to add Dyno to. Discord is very careful with bots and sometimes requires multiple authorizations to enable one to work. Even though the platform uses Oauth2 to enable a permitted bot to access and interact, you may still be asked to authorize it within the channel.

There are a lot of resources out there to help you choose, customize, and even create your own Discord bots. is a large Discord community where users can add and promote servers, but the site’s overall mission is to “help people find online communities they love.” The site has 33 categories of servers, ranging from Military to Mature, Anime to Art, and Fitness to Furry.

An active blog keeps community members up to date, and the site features an NSFW toggle that lets you avoid (or seek out) the “after dark” servers out there. Bastion’s feature list includes music, games, giveaways and promotions, a suggestions channel, voting, user profiles, virtual currencies, leveling systems, a server shop, filters, searches, game stats, messaging, moderation features, emojis, “fun” features like airhorns and quotes, starboard, scheduled commands, and triggers and reaction events. However, in most cases, you need to navigate to ‘Roles’ in your server’s settings and grant the right permissions to your mechanical helper.

If you’ve added the roles, but it still isn’t performing properly, head over to the bot’s website and check out the moderator’s permissions from there. For example, the Mee6 bot is incredibly popular, but you have to toggle the Moderator permissions on from the website before it’ll actually do anything. Yes, if you don’t have Administrator permissions turned on, you can’t add a bot to that server.

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