On Discord, you can activate text-to-speech using a simple slash command when typing out your message. You may, however, have to enable the feature first, depending on your current user settings. Here's how to use text-to-speech in Discord through the desktop app for Mac and PC.

Open Discord on your Mac or PC, and then click the gear icon in the bottom-left, near your username. Scroll down to "Allow playback & usage of the /tts command" and toggle on the switch next to it.

Once enabled, using text-to-speech to hear your own messages read aloud is a simple process:. Open Discord and navigate to the channel you want to send a voice message in.

But, at the same time, users in the channel will hear your message read aloud by a voice bot.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Further information about the procedure to follow in order to disable cookies can be found on your Internet browser provider's website via your help screen. For instance, if you contact us by email, we will use the information you provide to answer your question or resolve your problem.

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Legitimate interests: In many cases, we handle personal data on the ground that it furthers our legitimate interests in ways that are not overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the affected individuals: This includes: Providing a safe and enjoyable user experience; Customer service; Marketing, e.g. sending emails or other communications to let you know about new features; Protecting our users, personnel, and property; Analyzing and improving our business, e.g. collecting information about how you use our Services to optimize the design and placement of certain features; Processing job applications; Managing legal issues. To protect the vital interests of the individual or others: For example, we may collect or share personal data to help resolve an urgent medical situation.

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Can you tell if someone read your message in Discord?

Can you tell if someone read your message in Discord?

Discord does not use read receipts or any notification system. The social anxiety element and the reason you want to know if someone read your message in the first place. Twitter ticks turn blue, WhatsApp ticks turn blue, iMessage changes Delivered to Read if read receipts are enabled. Most social networks use read receipts and many messaging services to do. We send a reply to someone and add a little piece of ourselves in the message. For many of us, using messaging systems or social media includes an implied social contract that states some messages require a prompt reply.

Depending on your personality, read receipts can make this worse. A mechanism that follows a specific process from beginning to end with no accounting for the real world.

Did the message appear in the app while the phone was open? We send a message to someone and it isn’t replied to immediately. In an ideal world, the person you’re messaging would reply right away. Some people would think the comment above doesn’t need a reply as it isn’t a question. If someone is at work, they may have sound and vibration turned off so as not to disturb colleagues or annoy their boss. There are a thousand reasons why you might be seeing a read receipt or someone hasn’t replied.

I am glad Discord doesn’t use read receipts as I think they feed social anxiety and one less thing to worry about while you’re online has to be a good thing right?

How Discord Stores Billions of Messages

How Discord Stores Billions of Messages

We decided early on to store all chat history forever so users can come back at any time and have their data available on any device. This is actually part of our company culture: build quickly to prove out a product feature, but always with a path to a more robust solution. The problem is that even though this is a small amount of messages it makes it harder to serve this data to the users. The problem is since these servers usually have under 100 members the rate at which this data is requested is low and unlikely to be in disk cache. We knew that in the coming year we would add even more ways for users to issue random reads: the ability to view your mentions for the last 30 days then jump to that point in history, viewing plus jumping to pinned messages, and full-text search. Automatic failover — We love sleeping at night and build Discord to self heal as much as possible.

Writing thousands of messages per second would not work great if we had to constantly deserialize blobs and append to them. Open source — We believe in controlling our own destiny and don’t want to depend on a third party company.

Related data is stored contiguously on disk providing minimum seeks and easy distribution around the cluster. The first K is the partition key and is used to determine which node the data lives on and where it is found on disk.

This meant that when loading a channel we could tell Cassandra exactly where to range scan for messages. While Cassandra has schemas not unlike a relational database, they are cheap to alter and do not impose any temporary performance impact. When we started importing existing messages into Cassandra we immediately began to see warnings in the logs telling us that partitions were found over 100MB in size.

Large partitions put a lot of GC pressure on Cassandra during compaction, cluster expansion, and more. We looked at the largest channels on Discord and determined if we stored about 10 days of messages within a bucket that we could comfortably stay under 100MB.

The downside of this method is that rarely active Discords will have to query multiple buckets to collect enough messages over time. In practice this has proved to be fine because for active Discords enough messages are usually found in the first partition and they are the majority. Introducing a new system into production is always scary so it’s a good idea to try to test it without impacting users. Immediately after launching we started getting errors in our bug tracker telling us that author_id was null. Cassandra is an AP database which means it trades strong consistency for availability which is something we wanted.

Discord Text to Speech

Discord Text to Speech

Discord Text to speech is a fun method to get your message to deliver while chatting. On text to speech discord bot, one can activate the text-to-speech option by using a simple slash command at the start of your message. Open Discord on your PC or MAC, and then hit the gear icon at the bottom-left, adjacent to your username. It is a simple process to hear your message aloud when the TTS feature has been enabled once. Text to speech discord bot was initially designed for gamers, but later on, it is used for everybody who belongs to different fields. Click on the icon to open a sidebar on the left, it has all the Discord settings.

Once you find the option Text to speech, which says Allow usage and playback of /tts command, enable that toggle button. Go to any channel of your choice and type “/tts” followed by a space at the starting of your message and hit the enter key.

Select it, and you can see a different kind of alerts, scroll down till you find the option TTS notifications and enables it. People do not have to use the command “/tts”, your message will automatically hear aloud by the voice bot. Second, it is good to remember that people can switch off TTS capabilities for Discord if they want.

How to tell if someone blocked you & how to block someone on

How to tell if someone blocked you & how to block someone on

Discord is a social space that lets you connect with your friends, your team, or other like-minded people. Discord has features similar to other chat platforms, but also allows all the people who share your server to ping you directly.

You can tell if someone blocked you on Discord through the in-built ‘Clyde’ bot as well as through message reactions. This way of telling that someone has blocked you on Discord isn't the most reliable, as it will also show up if the user has disabled the 'Anyone can message' option. A more reliable yet unpopular way of telling if someone has blocked you on Discord is by using message reactions.

On a mobile device, you will get an alert saying 'Reaction blocked' when you try to react to the user's message. When using the Discord mobile app, tap the profile picture of the person you wish to block. On blocking the person, they will be removed from your friends' list, and all their messages in the server you share with them will be hidden.

How to View Discord Messages

How to View Discord Messages

Knowing how to take advantage of these options would be a great help to any intrepid community manager. Members of the channel can do the same unless you’ve restricted their ability to send messages. You can delete any message you’ve sent by hovering over the text until the editing icons appear. If you’ve enabled unread message alerts, a red dot will be shown on the Discord icon in the taskbar. Direct messages don’t show up on the server chat, and can instead be accessed on its separate window. To access the DM window, Click the Home icon, which is your portrait on the upper left.

Clicking on the portrait of a friend will open the Direct Message window. If another user or even a friend has prevented DM’s then you can’t send them a direct message.

The I live on the edge option doesn’t scan anything and will allow all messages through. Discord provides a solution by allowing users to mark entire servers as read.

Typing @ in the input box gives you a list of people that you can mention:. The Discord app has proven itself to be a versatile, dependable communication tool for thousands of online groups. Knowing how to navigate the messaging options helps both server members and administrators manage their communities effectively.

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