You should wait for more information regarding the Global Compliance System as PolicyService has not been fully rolled out, as far as I know. Mentions about lifting the Discord ban have not been associated with any of the Global Compliance System thread(s) however, which is what PolicyService is primarily for.

Public Discord Servers tagged with Roblox Condos

Public Discord Servers tagged with Roblox Condos

Issues related to our site (Discord Me) should be reported here or in our Discord Support Server.

Ability to link social-media platforms to groups, including Discord

Ability to link social-media platforms to groups, including Discord

We understand the argument can be made that YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch all have similar policies regarding users under 13, but these platforms also allow users to browse without logging in, while Discord requires you to have an account so people aged 12 and under cannot see the information you are linking. I believe this would fix a lot of issues that we developers are facing with this current situtation.

It’s extremely unfair that us developers can’t use our only solid way of communicating with our fellow community and fans.

The 10 Best Roblox Discord Servers — Revealed!

The 10 Best Roblox Discord Servers — Revealed!

The popularity has led to the emergence of numerous Roblox-dedicated community servers on Discord that allow you to meet different Roblox players and interact with them 1-1 and in teams. First up, we have the LFG GLOBAL Discord server, which is a growing community of Roblox lovers. Once you’ve completed that step and ticked done, the chat is accessible to you.

Why we called it an organized server earlier was because even though there are many game channels here, you can hardly get lost. Other bots on this server include, but are not limited to, DISBOARD, TacoShack, Dank-memer and Anigame.

It has tutorial videos on how to gain access to locked channels, how to participate in the server etc. As the description tells us, this server is a social haven for ROBLOX Developers!

The server seems dull and there aren’t any voice/text channels in there, but how is a raging fandom of 10,000 people this quiet? After you have completed that step, head on over to the “accept-rules” text channel on the left side of your screen. Next, type y!accept in that text channel to confirm you have read and agreed to the rules and regulations of the server.

Upon verification, the bot will provide you access to all the text and voice channels on the server. This server is basically a wiki, a place where you can find all the latest information and updates on the World//Zero and SB2 games. It also serves as the best place to learn how to play these games and answer any questions that you or other players might have. Games on the Roblox platform that have a strong player base on this server are MM2, Royale High, Adopt Me, Robux. Admins require that new users complete a verification step in order to gain access to the server and its features. From events and movie nights in the voice channel to trading and meme sharing.

Members there are also very active and responsive, making it one of the best communities for interacting with players of different games on Roblox. Some of them include the ability to change your own nickname, access to the restricted “boosters” chat and many more perks.

They, too, do daily drops and host events and giveaways to keep their audience engaged. 5 warns = 1-hour on mute, which means that person cannot send messages in the text channels. In accordance with the server’s description, VendexX Clan is a small but growing community, that is fair in its practises and does not discriminate on the basis of race, caste, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or culture.

At only 262 members, this is probably the small community server on our list, but that is what makes it so special! As far as the server’s layout is concerned, no doubt it is not quite as impressive or well-moderated as compared to other mentions in this list, but it could be home for you if you’re looking for a warm experience and friendly Roblox and Fortnite players to play with.

The community is very friendly, fun and welcoming to all sorts of people who join the server. Hosting mostly private games on Roblox and Minecraft, this server is a good place to find a small group of friends to regularly play and have a good time with. 8 separate voice channels where you can listen to music, communicate with the community or stream any game you want. Regular events on Roblox to have fun in and interact with the community.

So if this community speaks to you, be sure to check them out with the invite link provided above. The server isn’t as fancy or as heavily decorated as compared to other bigger community servers, but it has a welcoming atmosphere unlike any other, where you can relax and play Roblox with some strangers (that might just end up becoming your friends!). Platinum’s coolest feature is definitely their bots that allow you to choose from and assign yourself a variety of roles, giving you the freedom to truly express yourself.

So if you’re looking for a place to chill and play Roblox, if you have some confessions to make or if want help doing homework, then this is the server for you. This server is worth checking out if you’re looking to trade, finding Roblox players with the same gameplay as you or looking to participate in fun competitions, gameshows etc.

Their admins work tirelessly to ensure that the server’s public voice channels are a safe place for each member, and that everyone can socialize and interact with one another in the most respectful manner. This is a pretty fun server that regularly hosts giveaways and events with huge winning prizes so people participate wholeheartedly and take away something in return. So if you’d like to play a part in helping them reach the goal or are interested in winning some neat prizes, head over to the link above and join Pristine now!

Unofficial Public Discord server for Roblox API

Unofficial Public Discord server for Roblox API

Our server began in 2017 with the main focal point to be a community resource that unified all open-source Roblox API libraries under a singular domain. Throughout the years, the server has grown to encompass a bunch of different libraries and the communities (cumulative 1k+ users) that support them.

If you meet the two bullet point above, feel free to join the server by clicking here. Can the server be used for malicious reasons such as finding exploits, actively pursue API abuse, etc?

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